"It's only after you've stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform." - Roy T. Bennett

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Kenon Lamont Thompson

It all started when...

I am actually not going to take you all down memory lane (well not too far at least)! My name is Kenon Lamont Thompson - an entrepreneur, chef, journalist, gamer, and photographer. One thing that I was told on a consistent basis in grade school was this. "One day when you grow up and start working, do something that you love to do for free." Keeping that in mind I decided to take that mantra with me in its most literal sense! 

Being able to wake up every day and do the things I am passionate about is the best feeling to me and will never get old. Currently I have three websites/blogs. This one (which is my flagship website/blog) where I share my photography in addition to covering topics such as lifestyle, culture, book reviews, interviews with other professionals, and of course my personal life. Nerds Realm is where I share all of my thoughts and excitement about anything regarding nerd culture and gaming. Yes for those who do not know... Pokémon is life for me! Chef & Coffee is my newest website/blog where I will be sharing my own personal recipes and food photography. I will also be sharing blog posts about anything food related including new trends in the culinary world, book reviews, documentary reviews, my thoughts on restaurants I personally visit, and everything in between.

That's basically me in a nutshell and I hope you enjoy what you see and read on my websites/blogs! I love meeting up with new people and undertaking new projects, so lets go get some coffee and have great conversations. 

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