This year (2017) I am going to add on a little bit more perks for you all that read my blog posts. I have a ton of plans and content that I want to cover this year, however, in order to do so it obviously takes the necessary funds to do so. Keeping that in mind, I have created a PayPal account specifically for accepting donations (click the tip jar button above to access the PayPal link). Donations are definitely not mandatory in regards to reading my blog posts or visiting the website at all. However, any and all donations will definitely be appreciated as they will go towards essentials that will make the website/blog even better! 

Now this is not something that I want to be a one way street. I definitely want to setup a tier perk list or some type of incentive for the readers that do decide to support the website/blog. I am thinking that merchandise (i.e. coffee mugs, hoodies/t-shirts/sweatshirts, bags, and more) will definitely be perks. There are a few other ideas I have in mind, but I also want to know what you all would be interested in as donation perks. 

The current goals that I have will be updated here and crossed off when met (or removed if not)! If you have any questions or concerns, definitely feel free to send me an e-mail at (