#WeekendCoffeeShare: Merit First... Popularity Opinion Never

It is starting to become increasingly annoying how decisions are being made in our society. One would think that you always base your decisions based on merit, not to cover face for contrary popularity beliefs. With the recent "boycotting" movement of the Oscars this year, I've noticed that people are feeling so entitled that everything should always go their way. 

Pleasing everyone in a world of competition and awards will never work out. Everyone nominated will not win "Best Of" in his or her respective category. I'm starting to realize a regression in human nature and the comprehension of accepting defeat on any level. 

As a kid I remember growing up and playing recreational sports. Although I was nowhere near the best member of any team, I was pretty happy that I was on the winning side! Being in 1st place meant receiving big trophies and medals because we were the best. However, watching other teams get awards (slightly smaller) just for participating was okay… I guess. At the time it was normal to see that everyone received some type of award/trophy even if they were not the best. 

Now things are completely different as an adult. I don’t win any consolation prize for being in 2nd place or below and I am okay with that. Nonetheless, other adults feel as if even though they do not win (or are the best) they still deserve some kind of recognition. This is where I say society is regressing in a not-so-positive way. 

We give kids awards even though they are not #1 because they are kids and shouldn’t feel left out (which is fine). However, we shouldn’t let kids grow up continuing to think that they deserve just as much recognition, awards/rewards, and spotlight as those who are the best. Now that might seem down right mean, but logically speaking we all know it is the truth. 

If I was to complain about not winning Best Blogger of (insert random blogging association here) and I know that I wasn’t the best, then I would be considered a sore loser. I’m not going to complain that I was not nominated or chosen as a winner solely based upon my sex/gender, race, or quality of content. If other bloggers are simply better than me to the random blogging association, then so be it. If I want to win the next award season, then I would simply improve on my skills. 

In short, I think we all need to learn that merit triumphs “making everyone feel good” when it comes to awards and nominations. It is not going to do anyone good to simply include them just to meet a diversity quota. Even if you are nominated, that does not guarantee you will even win… especially depending on how competitive the pool is. If you are not first, then you are last (at least that’s what I strongly believe in for myself).