Prendiamo Un Caffè (005): Beginning Of The Week Plans + Changes

With today being Super Bowl day, I am going to be really brief and concise here. Oh and by the way... go Patriots!

For this week I am mostly going to focus on finalizing the updates on all of my other blogs. I am pretty much 95% happy with how everything is at the moment. This is the oh so fun part where I drink an obscene amount of coffee (maybe a little whiskey), and blast my music on full volume to celebrate completing my goals. 

Time to get the new changes that I can 100% confirm out of the way...

KLT Gaming is no more... welcome The Dark Gardevoir brand/URL! 

During the beginning of my personal gaming process, my purpose of the name KLT Gaming was simply made out of convenience. It was not exactly what I wanted, but I knew it was something I could have instantly. After much consideration and BTS business logistics (which can be the boring part of working for yourself sometimes), I was finally able to officially claim []

In addition to the website designing process, now that the domain name is mine, I can move along accordingly. This also means that my e-mail address for everything related specifically to my personal gaming/Twitch channel is now []

So what is going to happen to the KLT Gaming logo?

Good question... here is more of the BTS boring business stuff that many non-entrepreneurs don't understand. Me and the graphics team that I worked with on the KLT Concepts (the umbrella for my blogs/websites) could not come to an agreement to a pretty key element. Therefore, I had to excuse myself from the business relationship. The KLT Gaming logo will now become the KLT Concepts logo! 

This change was going to happen eventually. In the beginning of creating the KLT Concepts logo, I was thinking in more of a "corporate" mindset instead of simple brand personality. When it comes to anything business related, I am definitely serious. However, I'm also very casual and humorous when the time/environment is appropriate. 

Now I have to end this post off this way... don't jude me! 

You don't have to wait for someone who is your boss to tell you what you can and cannot do if you are the boss!