Prendiamo Un Caffè (004): What Is Going On With The Other Blogs?

This may be the right time to tell you all what is going on with my other blogs. For those that are not aware, this is not the only blog that I have. Chef & Coffee, Nerds Realm, KLT News Network, and KLT Gaming will all be released on the same exact day!

For the past few monthsI have been working diligently on a ton of new features. Each website is scheduled to have their own unique exclusive feature(s) and then there may be a feature or two that I use for each blog I own. I was looking for a release within the next 2 weeks, but who knows, we shall see how it all goes. 

One goal that I slightly failed last year was keeping them all consistent to the quantity that I desired. This has required me to really take a hard look at my personal schedule, my work schedule, and my blog schedules! With the new things that I have yet to announce going on in my life via this blog (or anywhere) — lets just say that I am looking to push the envelope. 

Don't worry, when the other blogs go live, my plan is to let you all know here first. I will follow the live releases with each blog having at least two blog posts scheduled and ready for release the same day. Now that you know my plans regarding the other blogs... you have been warned *sinister cartoon villain laugh* haha! 

This will be the last blog post for today. I am going to enjoy the rest of my night watching Twitch and playing my Nintendo 3DS. Have a great weekend everyone! 

P.S. - Even though I am an Indianapolis Colts fan, New England Patriots has always been my 2nd favorite team followed by the Minnesota Vikings, and Denver Broncos. If you are not looking forward to an inevitable Patriots celebration tomorrow, then I will see you here on the blog Monday bright and early! LOL

P.S.S. - I am thinking about changing the default photo. Although this is in fact a series with the notion of conversations over coffee time, I think it would be fine to include different default photos every post. I will finalize this idea tonight and make the transition starting tomorrow after a little more pondering time. 

P.S.S.S. - I'm just joking here, I have nothing else here! :)