Prendiamo Un Caffè (003): Working With Indie Artists

For the past few years my support and undying infatuation for indie artists of all art forms consistently grow daily. I truly believe that artists who take the independent route will always be more at peace in their lives than the mainstream pool. 

Back in the 80s and 90s, it made sense that going mainstream and being signed under a major record label (for musicians) was the best route to take. The avenues for sole-proprietor entrepreneurs were not easily accessible during those time periods compared to now. 

Behind the scenes I have contacted a few select indie musicians whom I absolutely love. I am beyond elated to say that I am taking steps in the right direction here! I have the official permission from one of my favorite orchestral rock/metal artists (Canada locale) and progressive rock bands (Italy locale).

I would not say this was easy to do because even though I asked via e-mail, I was still nervous sending out the inquiries to them. My heart was beating pretty fast and every time I thought the e-mail was perfect, I re-read them 3 more times out loud.  

Oddly enough, I really had nothing to be nervous for at all. Both parties were extremely nice, casual, and very helpful! The open lines of communication that I have with them are exactly what makes indie artists better to work with in my opinion. I don't have to go through to their record label (which is like shooting a target in pitch black dark) hoping that I even get an automated response back. I also do not have to go through hoops of purchasing licenses and all that mumbo jumbo.

My new goal for this is to always purchase CDs/merchandise of every indie artist/band that I obtain full permission from. I am already in the process of purchasing one deluxe album/hoodie package, so you can definitely look forward to seeing that in the next episode of The Dark Chronicles or the third episode.  

The first taste of this new music you will be able to see in my next vlog — we will talk about this after a little bit more of coffee today. Technically I have two different intros (same graphics, different songs). However, the first indie band Envoi that I used (song name Raising The Bar) on my intro for The Dark Chronicles - Episode 1 | 24 Hours no longer exists. I am still working on getting in contact with anyone from the band before using the song again (and any of their music for vlogs/Twitch streams). I really wish that I could have attended their last concert at The Foundry Concert Club. 

As I prepare to take care of some tasks on my to-do list before the next blog post today, feel free to watch Envoi's last concert down below. Have a great weekend everyone!