The Dark Chronicles - Episode 1 | 24 Hours (Vlog)

2 weeks ago I finally started my Vimeo channel by releasing the trailer/first episode to my vlog series The Dark Chronicles. I am pretty excited about this because it is an avenue of creativity that I have wanted to do forever! The first episode is pretty much a collection of footage that I have kept behind closed doors for a little while. 

You can definitely expect for these to be longer in the future. *I will cross-post the vlogs under the "Videos" tab on this blog and on KLT Gaming as well! I will include some BTS footage/photos and surprises that I cannot release as of yet. 

*(Initially I did say that I would only post these update blog posts when new episodes are released only on KLT Gaming. However, after more consideration with myself I decided that I am not going to leave you all out of the loop here. So when new episodes of The Dark Chronicles are released, you will see them here immediately after being posted. We will iron out the wrinkles along the way.)

I hope you all enjoy these vlogs just as much as I will. I already have the next episode in the works ad I am extremely excited about it! It is something that has been a long time coming in regards to sharing news with you all. Welcome to my life in front of the camera instead of behind it as a photographer!