Lessons On Moving Out-Of-State Alone

When things sneak up on you on life how do you handle them? For me (thankfully) I'm pretty used to expecting the unexpected in my life. Stress or anxiety does not even cross my mind. Give me a few cups of coffee, or some whiskey (or of course both at the same time) and I will adapt with ease.

Since a kid I have been pretty fortunate in being able to travel extensively. Pretty much 95% of my current friends now are not who I grew up with in the location where I was born. Nonetheless, while the traveling bug seems to be an incurable side effect for me (aka I don't want to get rid of it), I always wondered what it would be like to live in different states in the country. The element of change and new things is intriguing, and thought-provoking to me. I can be easily entertained by pretty much anything. I can also become very bored at anything that seems too redundant.

Many people never live outside of the place they were born. Reasons for staying content in one place forever typically revolves around the basics. The thought of leaving family/friends is scary for some people. I got over that before the day I received my acceptance letter to college! Finances (which is some what understandable) is a main factor as well due to individuals either career-less or feel as if it will be hard to get another job in a different state. Another common reason that I see within my age group is having kids way before exploring life as a young adult. 

If you are looking to move out of state for the first time in your life, I highly recommend that you do! The best experiences of my life came from living outside of the state I was born in. My hometown of Denver, Colorado is the most amazing place to live in my honest opinion! Even though I did move away for a little while to explore different options, I am pretty set on this being my last permanent move. Here are a few lessons that I learned while moving out of state. 

Do your research first and make a visiting trip

Before I moved to any new state, the first piece of research I conducted was watching YouTube videos of the cities I had on my list. Before I spend the money on plane/bus tickets and hotels, I want to have a little sense of what I can expect to see. Pre-planning ahead saves me time that I can use to basically be a tourist.

When moving into new neighborhoods in new states I have never lived in, here are the 3 most important [general] factors I take into consideration are the following.

  • Crime/violence rate (obviously on the lowest end of the spectrum possible) 
  • General stores within 1 mile (local grocery stores and Target is all I really need. Thrift stores are a bonus!)
  • An amazing café close by (for the times I want to work outside of my home) 

Follow your heart, not the preference of anyone else

A notable trend that I notice is seeing people base their out of state moves on the preferences of their friends. I am in no way shape or form saying my word is law here, however, the cases rarely end well. I understand that for some people it is frightening to move to a new state and basically start their social life completely over. So instead of moving somewhere alone, they move to a city where they know at least one person.

There was a point when those that I grew up with tried to keep me from moving. They didn't want me to move because they were not moving. That is when I realized that I have outgrown my childhood friends and the environment I grew up in. I eventually stopped talking to them because I realized that they didn't want me to progress. Never let your friends or family stop you from living your dreams. 

At the end of the day, you are investing your happiness, your dreams/goals, your time, your energy, and your money into this move. I promise you from experience, starting over is not as bad as you may think. Nice people still exist in this world and it is okay to make new friends — you may even meet a new romantic interest if you desire.

Remember that it takes time to adjust

I can honestly say that no matter the negative moments I have experienced living in new states, the good truly outweighed the bad. While the first few months were exciting, they were also touch as well. Granted my past moves were before, during, and a few years after college. That time frame included me working for restaurants and it took a while before I could splurge a little bit of money for fun and entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, I reached the level to have fun, take some days off, make some new friends, and adjust to my new surroundings. 

Do you plan on moving out of state alone this year? If so where do you plan on going?