Misery Still Loves Company In Our Society

This past Sunday I watched the Super Bowl and even though my Colts did not make it, I still participated in the festivities of American tradition. If you did not watch it out of spite of your team not making it, or you are not a sports fan at all, or any reason, watch the highlights for me really quick before continuing on with reading. 

Some fans of the NFL have a distain for The Patriots (and Tom Brady specifically) mostly because of their winning streak in the Super Bowl within the past decade. It can be argued that the Patriots may not have the most honest history. However, it is pretty hard to completely cheat in the NFL to the point that the opponent has absolutely no chance of winning.

As I watched the Super Bowl, I noticed how man Falcons fans and Patriots/Brady haters were elated to see them losing. People were bragging that the Patriots were getting exactly what they should and it is about time that they lose again. Oh my gosh was it a sight to see how the tune changed once the Patriots made history. Not only did they rally back from a 28-9 deficit in the 4th quarter to force the first overtime in Super Bowl history, they won the game (most importantly Brady's 5th ring). 

Once the game ended, a vast majority of those ecstatic about the demise of the Patriots cried like spoiled brats! Imagine the MTV tv show "Sweet 16 Birthday" and those kids not getting their way so they throw temper tantrums. That is what Falcons/Patriots haters were... just in football jerseys. Some how, people created stories in their minds that do not exist to justify why the Patriots won. From cheating to white supremacy (yes... white supremacy) is the only reason why the Patriots won. 

This is the mentality that a growing section of society have in general about everything. When things are going their way (especially if they are doing something that is considered beating their "opponent") trash talk is easy. However, when the tide changes and they are on the losing end of the spectrum, everyone is supposed to be empathetic to them. No one should criticize them, no one should trash talk them or call them names (aka a loser), and their feelings should be uplifted. 

Common sense does not seem to be that common anymore. Being around the latter type of people is toxic for your life. To know that at any moment one small disagreement can ruin a relationship/friendship is not worth investing your time in at all. If the only time the truth matters is when it benefits someone, then what does that say about the individual? If an individual can dish out trash talk to their opposers, yet not take their own medicine — leave them be. Billions of people in the world exist, it will be hard to not find friends/like-minded individuals you can surround yourself with.

I will leave you all with this video to end the post. I will be writing about what I have been working on all week (hence the silence). Hopefully you had a great week, see you tomorrow!