Prendiamo Un Caffè (002): Classic Songs From High School/College Years

Last night I spent my Friday at home watching streamers on Twitch until I simply fell asleep. During SierraDawnx stream (which she is amazing at Pokémon TCG Online), her playlist consisted of classic songs that reminded most of us 90s kids of high school. I must admit, there were some songs from my favorite bands that I have not listened to in quite a while. The nostalgia kicked in and all of the memories from high school appeared in my dreams.

For the most part they were all fun memories, but also a reminder that I was pretty much a loner when it came to music preferences outside of hip-hop. Keeping that in mind, my music preferences of pop/rock/metal/alternative/punk bands became a normal when I went to college. I was finally able to be surrounded around people/friends that did not keep themselves within one bubble. 

If I were to share every single song that I absolutely loved in high school/college, this blog post would go on for days. For now I am going to share a few songs via YouTube and I will work on a Spotify playlist that everyone can listen to when desired. 

I hope you all have an amazing start to the week! I have an extremely busy schedule to look forward to and possibly some new news to share with you all this upcoming weekend.