Prendiamo Un Caffè (001): The New Weekend Blog Series

Last year I participated in #WeekendCoffeeShare with a plethora of other bloggers whom also love coffee... a lot! It was an amazing experience to say the least and I still read the blog posts from those bloggers every weekend. I decided that it was time to branch out on my own.

"Prendiamo Un Caffè" is Italian and translates to "Lets Get A Coffee" in English. I chose the name because it is my two favorite things together... Italian and coffee! For those that are new, I will make this short for now. I am a major coffee addict! Do not recommend any AA like groups for coffee... I will never stop drinking it no matter what anyone says! 

This series will consist of topics that one would expect to have during a meetup with coffee and pastries. How was the week for us? What was the most amazing thing(s) to happen during the work week? Do either of us have a huge surprise up our sleeves that we are finally ready to share? What are our plans for the upcoming week?

Unlike the during the weekdays where I typically release about 1 - 3 blog posts a day, this series will be unlimited and a bit more casual. If there is a lot to talk about at that moment, then we are going to cover all of it! Conversations over the coffee table or at the local cafe can be extremely long, or short depending upon the day. 

Since I accidentally broke my last ceramic coffee mug while on during a photo excursion, the photo at the beginning will be the default for now. I am looking into buying multiple non-ceramic travel mugs her pretty soon. I have learned my lesson — ceramic coffee mugs will never leave the house again (haha)! 

So without further or due, let me go make another pot of coffee and let's get this new journey of ours started!