Be The Fly On The Wall And The Elephant In The Room

Living in a society where social media has taken over, looking at the pros and cons is a pretty interesting thing. Since there is so much that could be covered about social media, lets just stick to the aspect of personal usage (and business if you are a sole-proprietor entrepreneur/independent artist). 

Being a fly on the wall and the elephant in the room is something I have implemented in my life. I am in no way shape or form a "celebrity" person or even "popular" on social media. Thankfully, this gives me the ability to enjoy being a creative/content creator without being threatened (anymore for now) for having an opinion. This also gives me the power to be completely unbiased, truthful, and logical even when people believe that the world should be their "safe space" instead of their oyster.

Get the reference? The world is your oyster mantra... ahhh let us continue! 

I have been noticing that my close friends (whom also happen to be sole proprietor photographers, artists, musicians, and chefs) are keeping a great deal of distance between themselves and social media platforms. In comparison to what we all see on average, none of them ever posted "personal" status updates. By personal, I mean information that should definitely be kept out of the public eye. If it does not reference their business or art, seeing them on social media is pretty rare. 

It may have taken a little time for me to get the entire picture, but I get it now. 

Throughout the past few years my attempts of leaving my personal Facebook page failed miserably. I always second guessed myself and ended up caving in. This attempt has been pretty solid for me. It took some time for me to become so disgusted with Facebook that caving in doesn't even come across my mind. My public Facebook Page is pretty much used to cross-post my blog posts and articles. Thanks to Hootsuite, I don't even need to log into Facebook anymore — the perfect solution for me! 

Facebook is pretty much the equivalent of a phone book in the 90s and "the popular table"in high school. It is a good source to keep contact information on a large scale for free. The platform is also where "cool people" want to get attention from. Nonetheless, the only real benefit for me is that I have all my friends under one account. Especially my friends from around the world... until I am rich, paying $2 per minute does add up after a while (haha)!  

Instagram is slowly fading away, but is best utilized for BTS (behind the scenes) quick videos. The only time I see Snapchat being used is for the filters, which are quite annoying because no one is being original anymore. 

Twitter is pretty much my main social media platform of choice. This may not be the same situation for everyone, but this is why it is important about who you surround yourself with. For me personally it [Twitter] is easier to maintain. I can actually keep up/talk to my favorite content creators (bloggers, Twitch streamers, YouTubers), and their are less trolls. The block button is extremely easy and recognizing the same person make duplicate accounts is a bit rare. 

The main questions that I get now from those in the real world are...

1) Why do you not like being around people anymore? 
2) When will you finally get on TV and get a show on Food Network? (family wishes, not mine... I don't even watch TV anymore haha!) 

I like the peace of mind that is in my life now (in real life and on social media). As I reflect back on how unnecessary stress used to cause me anger and worries, I am pretty happy being the fly on the wall and the elephant in the room. Hopefully you all can have the same peace of mind as well. Trust me, life is a million times more satisfying!