Believe In Yourself... Even If You Have To Be Alone

We live in a society where a majority of individuals are completely okay with being content, complaining about their happiness, then believing others should see life exactly at their level. On the other hand their are the risk-takers... the dreamers... the ambition individuals who chase their dreams no matter what. One week can be filled with chipotle burritos (extra guacamole), and a little splurging. The next could be filled with ramen noodles, frozen pizza rolls (plus ranch), and sitting at home having fun in the company of watching movies/documentaries/etc., on Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, and/or YouTube. 

It has been a little over one year now since I broke away from the status quo mundane life of working for someone else. It obviously didn't start out all rainbows and unicorns. Nonetheless, I woke up every morning happy (and I still do). If there is one thing I could absolutetly change in my life... I would have started working for myself way sooner. Even though I was not as skilled back then as I am now, eventually everything would have clicked if I actually pushed for it with a sense of urgency.

I unfortunately fell for the "you should work a 9-5 because it is stable and the easier route compared to working on your own" before being where I am now. I honestly wish I could have just cut those devious whispers out of my mind because who knows how farther ahead I would be now. Working at jobs for other people was typically fun during the beginning phases (just like many scenarios are). However, after being the new guy wore off, the shadiness from other co-workers set in. The backstabbing began and watching things go from cloud 9 to one level above hell became quite tiring.

Oh well... the past can't be changed so I refer back to them as lessons for the present and future.

I always wondered why a vast majority of adults in my kid/teenage years were unhappy with life once no one was around. The common theme was that they all took the easiest route putting on a facade that they were happy in public, but in reality (behind closed doors) miserable. While they watched TV looking at individuals have fun in different countries, or NYC (Times Square), or the beaches in Miami/Los Angeles, those people on TV were living their dreams and lives to the fullest. 

Those same adults to this day have never seen NYC/Times Square, Miami, or Los Angeles in person with their own eyes — I have and I am half (or a little more) under their age. 

Now that I am looking at the life of conformity (9-5 unhappy employees/individuals) from the outside in, I am easily convinced that it is one of the best decisions I have made so far.  Excluding the obvious way that I protect the trust I give to people, I am not going to let my dreams, goals, and life be dictated by the standards of others. Even the people that I thought understood how important my dreams of being an entrepreneur is to me, would rather I be an employee instead of a sole-proprietor. All because they have not achieved a specific task in life, in their mind,my I can't. 

It is sad to say this, but I'm also not afraid to say it either. I stand firm on the dreams only I sleep with (when I do get to sleep). I stand firm on being in control of my hours and my income instead of hoping that my hours are not cut by the boss of another company. I stand firm on simply living my life exactly how I want to and being away from a society that tries to either live vicariously through me or treat me like their puppet.

If I have to distance myself from the people that I should never have to, then so be it. I will rather have ambition than skepticism without trying. I have held on to the thoughts of distancing myself from individuals that are not like minded. Thankfully I have amazing like-minded friends in my life and we can all relate to each other more than our own families can.

However, I am aware that good people in this world have come to terms that they simply have to go on their journey alone. I really hope that one day they can find like-minded individuals to be happy with and understand that we get it... we choose our happiness over taking "the easy way." No matter how much stress may come from it, the last thing anyone should want to say to themselves looking back on their life is "what if..." 

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the classic TV show Seinfield and my first vlog on Vimeo! 

Okay, uh, look. If you wanna just keep doing the same old thing, maybe this idea is not for you. I for one am not going to compromise my artistic integrity. And I’ll tell you something else, this is the show. And we’re not gonna change it.
— George Costanza (Seinfield)