Trump Will Become President This Friday... What Are My Thoughts?

Initially I was not the biggest fan of Donald Trump winning the presidency. As weird as it may seem, I am not extremely comfortable in a non-politician holding the highest political position in the country. In the same token, that is what makes the United States great! This just goes to show that anyone can become president. Well... maybe not anyone, but the limits are not boiled down to only seasoned politicians. 

Over the past few weeks, Trump has held meetings with many individuals including Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis, Martin Luther King III, and more. I was actually quite happy to see these prominent individuals conducting meetings with President-elect Trump.

Although Trump was not my choice, he won the election and that means he is deserving of a fair shot. It is pretty disingenuous to see that many general civilians condemning these meetings. How can you want better, then ridicule the celebrities that have major influences in the country and internationally meeting with the next president on discussing solutions? It makes no sense to cry wolf or try and boycott the work of a celebrity because they are not being your puppet. 

There are no more elections, no more chances, and no other ways to stop Trump from becoming president right now. Deal with it! If Hillary Clinton would have won and republicans acted in the childish manner liberals [democrats] are now, liberals would quickly pinpoint the acts of being a sore loser. The biggest piece of bigotry comes from those that make fun of Trump, yet play the victim if he says anything they don't like (or hurts their feelings).  

Musicians that may have a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of a presidential inauguration are declining the offers. Why? Crybabies are threatening their careers, their income, and their livelihoods (literally with death threats). Even other celebrities are trying to shame others to not performing at Trump's inauguration. Just look at how liberals bullied Jennifer Holliday into canceling her performance through shaming tactics. 

Hate Trump all you want, but to try and ruin the lives of others just because they are simply seen with him is utterly ridiculous. I completely agree with Jennifer in regards to living a reclusive life. America is no longer a country where people can agree to disagree. A vast majority of America has the mindset of "be my puppet or I hate you." Progression does not work by getting everything your way (especially when you are not taking any initiative yourself to make a change to the problems you see/experience). Eventually you will have to talk with the people you disagree with to find the common ground. 

There are a few key elements that I am looking for Trump to improve upon.

  • The healthcare dilemma: Republicans have quickly began the deconstruction of Obamacare. Sighting that Obama's efforts hurt Americans more than helped is their motivation to repeal and replace Obamacare. If Trump and his administration can create a better solution, then by all means continue on.
  • Bringing jobs to America: Trump has vowed to bring back jobs once shipped to other countries for lower labor costs back to the country. Hopefully he can keep up on this promise because I am tired of seeing how people want to tax the millionaires/billionaires even more than they are now just to benefit themselves. I am all for the wealthy keeping their money... they earned it! I can go on for days here, but lets pick back up on the whole "wealth distribution" topic on another blog post. 
  • Getting a hold on the gun violence: This will most likely be one of the toughest tasks Trump has to take care of domestically. Criminals who want guns already have a sustainable black market to obtain what they want illegally. What does this mean for law abiding citizens? As much as I am not a fan of guns outside of hunting, it may be time to obtain a personal firearm (legally of course). I think that everyone should take what they believe are the appropriate precautions to staying safe. 

Unlike other people who are being childish and crybabies, I will be at home watching the inauguration with optimistic thoughts. I don't have my food planned out yet, but I know there will definitely be coffee on my side!