My Final Decision On Video Content Plans

For quite a while I have been thinking about the moves and ideas for the way that I produce video content. I am pretty sure I have not told you all this, but let's go down memory lane really quick. 

Photography was easier to start for me asa kid because point & shoot cameras and Polaroid cameras were easier to buy than a video camera. Remember, I was on a budget of a high school senior working more hours than I probably should have at fast food restaurants for a little over minimum wage. I was not able to start upgrading any type of camera equipment until I actually left for college. 

The same passion that I have for photography I have always kept with me when it comes to videography. Outside of movies during the very end of high school years, YouTube and Vimeo were the two websites I was able to appreciate and watch indie filmmakers for hours on end. 

I will never forget when I first started watching videos from Tessa Violet (aka Meekakitty), Shawna (aka Nanalew) separately create their vlogs/sketch videos on YouTube. I'll share my favorites from their older videos.

As time progressed, the two obviously grew as creators and so did their projects. I always thought to myself during that time frame and college how I wanted to get into videography. Most likely not on a professional level to where I will create movies for Hollywood or anything. Just video content of my daily life and cooking with high quality is what I wanted to create. Post college I focused way more on my chef and photography lives since that is all the time outside of my 9-5 jobs I had.

Another small bit of memory lane before we get into the meat of this post, my two dream places to visit in life has always been New York City, and Italy. I conquered my goal for NYC in 2012 twice with back to back visits! However, Italy is still on my list and this is a video I used to watch faithfully in high school and college. Thankfully it is still up for me to share with you all.

Now that I actually have the time to do everything that I want to creatively, videography has definitely held a top/high priority spot. This bring me to the point of this entire post! I just thought it would be pretty cool to tell you all something that was on my mind and related instead of on a separate post. 

I have made my decision to only produce video content on Vimeo! To follow my Vimeo channel, just click this little hyperlinked piece here. *Hint hint* 

What many Twitch streamers do now is cross post their highlights from Twitch to YouTube. After a while this slowly lost value to me because the same highlights that I can post on YouTube, I can simply cut/edit/post on Twitch again.

Taking in all of the back-end factors (which I will list shortly after this), Vimeo is a better platform, and overall better investment for my vision.

  • Video quality is extremely better on Vimeo than YouTube. 
  • The creator and viewer community environment is fitting to my ideology as a creative. Vimeo has consistently progressed over the years. YouTube is on a slow, quicksand like decline (in my opinion). 
  • In my mind, the fact that it costs for video storage/upload space drives me to create the best videos all the time. This may be me overthinking because I would put my best foot forward on any platform. In my head, if I have to pay for anything, I have to utilize it to its maximum ability. 
  • When it comes to the business numbers and structure, I see it as perfect Asian Pears and grapes from the basic grocery store.
  • YouTube is extremely oversaturated while Vimeo is slightly crowded, but the amazing content makes up for it. 
  • Clickbait titles and photos for views... the worse thing about YouTube over everything else. 

Now that I finally have that laid on the table, you may be wondering when the first video will be released. I have some old B-roll footage from over the years that I can use because I have no other purpose for them. Some of it is from when I lived in Chicago, some from my travels to cities such as NYC, Utah, Kansas City, and South Beach Miami. This will be considered the intro for my blog and Vimeo channel! I am editing the video right now and I am hoping to have it done + released this week. At the latest it will be completed by next week.

That is all I have for now ladies and gents... time for me to sit back with a great book and call it a night. Talk to you all later!