Heading Back To The World Of Photography

Last year I vowed to myself that I will get out of my creative hiatus and back in to the photography worlds. Although I have been shooting a little bit on my phone and posting via Instagram, it is definitely not the same as my photos for say... Flickr and 500px! Slowly, but surely at the end of 2016 I quietly snuck back into these worlds hoping that I at least noticed somebody and the aesthetic environments I once ate, slept, and breathed in. 

Closer to the end of December and early this month I have posted a new self-portrait on Flickr, which you can view here. I am pretty surprised that it has received 3.6k views and i makes me optimistic about posting new photos there again on a regular basis. I am also adding (and slightly re-building) my 500px account. Although I barely used it to share my work, I always admired (and even found inspiration) from other photographers in the community. 

I am a little bummed that due to some server issues I was not able to participate in a photography competition that I wanted to. Nonetheless, this means that I have more unreleased new photos in stock! I am still a bit undecided on whether I will add them to the Welcome To My Nightmare series or Ambition & Rebellion series (which I will definitely update you all on in the very near future). 

Right now I am still playing around with the photography galleries here. Once I have the pages structured exactly how I want them to be, I will release the new photos here first before the other websites. 

Yeah, you all get first dibs on when the new photos are released! I am thinking of a 1-2 day advance before I post them on any other website/social media. Let's have a little secret between us... I will have the details cemented in stone and released on the photography gallery front page before releasing any photos. I promise! 

Deal? Deal!