Always Choose The Truth Over Your Feelings

Some days I question if I was born in the wrong era, or am I just getting "too old" to care about social trends anymore. When I have conversations/debates with anyone about any topic/subject, I always keep an open mind. If I have a firm stance, I still recognize and accept that I don't know everything. My opinions and thoughts are not the only perspective that exist. Common sense right? 

As an avid student of life and academia, I am not looking to be the know-all-be-all... I just want to speak/learn truth and logic more than personal subjective opinions disguised as 100% facts. If I am wrong, I have no problem admitting it. If I learn something completely new, I have no problem conceding. Unfortunately society now believes in conforming to individual feelings because the truth sometimes hurts. 

When the truth hurts, it is typically because one does not want to face reality. Living in any other mindset other than reality is only going to hurt your feelings more than help. A main reason why I have start cutting people/friends out of my life is because they love living in a fiction world instead of the real world. Being wrong to any degree and having a different perspective seem like religious sins now. If one cannot fathom being wrong or losing (per se) an argument/debate, then that lets me know they only care about themselves, their opinions, and nothing else.

It becomes a bit tiring showing people clear facts and their retort is not to better their perspective, but rely on slanderous language/labels. Anytime I see someone call another coon, Uncle Tom, sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc., without any evidence let's me and the rest of the world see their immaturity.

When did truth and logic take a backseat to feelings?

Understanding the social norm of echo chamber and safe space environments will never be on my to-do list. There are billions of people on this world, which means billions of different thoughts, experiences, and ideas. It is disingenuous to avoid truth and logic just for the sake of feelings. Truth and logic is clear and consistent while feelings can change at the drop of a dime.

What do you all think about this? Is society beginning to devalue truth and logic to the point of no return? Are people that choose their feelings over the truth justified in any way?