Time To Start Planning For Twitch Con 2017

One of my favorite streamers Jennpai (aka MissSnowBunny) vlogging at Twitch Con 2016!

For those that are not aware of Twitch, in short... it is the home of gamers (and now creatives) from all around the world to enjoy each other's passions. I am beyond grateful for Twitch because it is a big community filled with gamers, artists, and now chefs/cooking enthusiasts to display their mutual interests with others.

I am currently in the works of finalizing what I need to start my Twitch channel/community called The Dark Squad! If you want to follow me on my Twitch, click here, press the follow button, then turn on the notifications to know when I go live.

I don't have a set date in regards to when I will have my first stream (or my stream schedule), nonetheless, I can tell you that I will be playing Pokémon TCG Online. I will be playing that until we raise/save up enough funds to get a Nintendo 3DS Capture card to start streaming Pokémon Sun/Moon, Resident Evil Revelations, Mega Man, Animal Crossing, and more.

Now let's get to Twitch Con 2017!

Twitch recently released the location and dates for their 2nd convention this year. The convention will be hosted in Long Beach, California between October 20th-22nd. It has been on my travel list to visit Long Beach since I have traveled to the Bay Area, and Los Angeles predominantly since high school. A lot of my favorite Twitch streamers and Twitch friends are planning on going to the convention. I would love to finally meet them IRL, play video games with them, possibly cook for them, and just have fun!

I have setup a goal for myself to save/raise $1,500, which will cover plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and event tickets. If you would like to help me reach the goal, feel free to donate whatever you desire here via PayPal. In no way am I saying that anyone is required to do so, yet any amount would definitely be appreciated. I also want to give those that donate something so this does not seem like a one-way street.

For those that would like to help me reach the goal, what perks do you all want? Merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts, coffee mugs, journals, etc., with my blog logos on them? Blog perks such as shout outs to your own blogs/online shops/businesses? Let me know what you all think about this idea and we can all collectively come up with great perks!

Do you plan on going to Twitch Con 2017? If so, I hope to see you there!