Keep Your Good Friends Close And Forget Your Enemies Exist

The classic mantra "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" never really made sense to me. The social trend of giving "haters" attention is a contradiction to my lifestyle. If there is one lesson I have learned through my crazy life is that people/friends come and go. In 2016 I watched close friends drop off like flies for no reason. Friends that I thought "I know for a fact I can depend on their friendships no matter what" are now just figments of my imagination.

Did it hurt to watch some people that I confided in about extremely personal things become arch enemies now? I would call it disappointing rather than hurt. However, once it seemed like a snowball effect that was unconnected to each other, it became easier to let go from a mental standpoint.

Ironically enough, every time a door has closed in my life, another door with better opportunities and people opened. I understand that this is not common for everyone, so keep in that in mind I find myself more grateful than resentful. As much as my level of trust in people deflates and fluctuates from time to time, I always remember that there are billions of great people in the world to become friends with. Even if I was to lose 1,000 friends in my lifetime, it won't make a substantial dent overall.

Despite (now ex friends/relationships) leaving on their own accord, I find it funny that some have tried to pop back up in my life like nothing happened less than one month into the new year. On a case by case bases, I wouldn't mind if some past friendships had a 2nd chance. Essentially everyone grows up over time and things may be different the next go around. Nonetheless, if anyone decides to leave my life for no reason or I have to kick them out of my life for trust reasons, there are no 2nd chances.

During 2016 I made more positive/genuine/good friends than I lost, which I am fine with. All I want is positive vibes around me his year — and that does not mean "yes man" type of people. If the friendships/business relationships do not bring good value to my life, I don't want it around me.

I want everyone to be happy in 2017 respectively. As unavoidable as this may be, I would prefer not to see nor hear "if you support (insert anything here) then unfriend me" posts. If you can't have a difference of opinion with someone (excluding malicious hate rhetoric towards specific groups of people), then those are not people you or I need to be friends with.

Lesson of 2017 that I hope you all go by in your personal lives... keep your good friends close and forget that your enemies even exist.