Guess Who Is Back?

First and foremost, Happy 2017 everyone! I hope the new year has been treating you well so far. I am pretty excited for the plans and goals that I have set for this year. For the new readers you may not have noticed this... but welcome to my home/main blog!

I decided to take the last quarter of 2016 off from here because I wanted to focus on the setup/directions of my other blogs/websites including KLT News Network, Nerds Realm, Chef & Coffee, KLT Gaming, and of course this one. On top of all that, I have been extremely with contributing to other websites/blogs including 30 on Tap, Bay Area, and another that I will introduce you to later on.

I have a lot to update you all while I have been absent from here. The most important update is the direction I am going to take with this blog. In previous years I predominantly wrote lifestyle blog posts and a little bit of political posts. The lifestyle blog posts will only increase, yet the political blog posts and general news posts will be archived. I am redirecting them all to KLT News Network where they fit appropriately.

I will also begin creating video content here in the form of personal vlogs. I will not have a set schedule because I don't want it to seem like a chore. In these vlogs I am going to share daily video content that I believe is exciting for you all to watch. No I am not going to have 10+ minute vlogs of me just sitting at the office desk working or anything boring like that (haha)! I have a lot of traveling plans in the works and along the way I will be re-connecting with old friends plus meeting new friends for the first time.

Now that we got the formal re-introduction out of the way... let me catch you all up on a few things that has been going on in my chaotic, busy, and fun life.

Startup Genius Competition

In December I was given Intel about a new platform called Startup Genius. The platform/website/app mission is to help entrepreneurs (novice and veterans) share their ideas with a group of industry professionals and advisors. I decided to utilize this opportunity to get feedback on Bloggers Collab (the new blogger network website I have in the works). During the competition I kept it under lock and key what I actually pitched. Now that the competition is over, you know the idea I pitched. I am grateful for their eat constructive criticism that I received from the advisors I chose to see it (which was all of them available).

At the end of the competition I was awarded 2nd place. Of course I was gunning for 1st place with my competitive mindset. Nonetheless, the fact that I place and was 2nd made me feel a bit more confident than critical of myself. The date for the in-person ceremony has not been set yet, but I really hope that it works within my schedule to attend. This opportunity came from the high school group Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas that I am an alumnus of (c/o 2008).

I may not be able to attend the live ceremony as planned due to pre-scheduled plans. Nonetheless, I wish all of the participants and the Startup Genius team the best during the event. 

Vimeo + Twitch + (Maybe) YouTube vlog/gameplay/cooking video content

Over the past few months I have collaborated with Own Graphics to work on the graphics/motions that I need for my vlogs/Twitch stream/Vimeo (and maybe YouTube) video content. I am extremely excited so far with the video intro and Twitch stream graphics that I have right now. I will cover the Twitch stream details a little bit more in a different blog post. 

For those that have read my previous articles on KLT News Network (before I shut it down for reconstruction) I am not the biggest fan of YouTube right now. Many veteran YouTube content creators have sighted issues including subscribers being "unsubscribed" unbeknownst and that is detrimental no matter the size the YouTuber is. Also, I am not the biggest fan of the "YouTube Heroes" feature. One of my favorite YouTubers Some Black Guy pretty much summed up what I think about it. 

I have never looked at YouTube as a full-time job type of scenario. I just want a place/platform where I can share my video co tent that is unbiased and ethical. Although extra uploading video space actually costs on Vimeo, I personally believe this is the best route for me to take.

Since I have been a bit conflicted on the whole YouTube side of things, I will most likely make that decision final sooner than later. 

Teal Magazine Contributor

While looking at new media outlets to contribute to as a journalist, Teal Magazine came across my table. Since I work as a full-time journalist now, I have no problem working for-pay and pro-Bono for independent media outlets/online magazines. I am happy to publicly announce outside of Twitter that I am apart of the Team Teal Magazine! You can view my first article written for them here.

Greyhound Chronicles photo project

For the past 1.5 years I have done most of my domestic travels via Greyhound. During these travels I have met some of the most amazing human beings in my life. Kind hearted random travelers, and even gang-affiliated (turned good people of society). Since I plan on taking bus/road trips domestically via Greyhound I want to capture these rare moments that may be once in a lifetime.

So... Colorado!

This is the only part where I will be extremely vague... you will see what has happened through the vlogs! :)

Now that we are all caught up and finally live, stay tuned because I will be releasing multiple blog posts a day!