The Really Cool People Read Every Day

Before you let your initial thoughts get to you... yes, I will be doing a little bit of shameless plugs here (but not a lot I promise).
It is basically in my DNA to read on a consistent basis. Whether it is a book or my favorite blogs, I can't see myself going an entire day and not reading something. As the old mantra of "reading is fundamental" seems to no longer have a place in today's society unless it involves some type of celebrity drama or Facebook argument, I start to wonder why people do not read anymore. Is there an actual reason why reading is consider an activity that is not "cool" by many people? 
One would think that with all of the new technology at the tip of our fingers, reading would have become more of a popular social topic than what the Kardashians are doing in their lives. I start to wonder about society when I hear people talk about "reality TV" right down to the most minute details, but find it weird to talk about books. Instead of spending hours upon hours watching people embarrass themselves for the sake of attention and scripted drama, I prefer laying in my bed reading. 
There are a few books that I am reading (yes I know... book reviews, they are coming) and I am beyond excited to share them with you all. I have been reading more eBooks lately. There are a ton of free eBooks that I have added to my iPad library. So much so that I have removed apps and even cleaned out my photo albums just to store these books.
I cannot believe how many hidden gems I have found and a great majority of them are actually free. It is almost as if Christmas comes every day that I open up the iBooks app. Currently I am reading a ton of cookbooks and I am amazed at the recipes many of these authors/cooks/chefs have come up with. 

When I am not reading physical books or eBooks, I'm typically reading blogs. Thanks to Bloglovin' I never run out of blogs to read and you can see the blogs I follow here (which is also where you can follow me on Bloglovin' too)!

At the end of the day... reading is what the really cool people do on a daily basis. Reading countless amounts of pages a week and coming across new characters (or recipes when it comes to cookbooks) is priceless. What books are you currently reading?