Why Did I Take A Small Break For A Week

I have no problem being completely open with everyone here, me specially since I have no rules, or guidelines to go by, I do what I want here! 

If you don't follow me on Twitter this is why you are a little bit late. I suffered a injury to my right hamstring. I have always had problems with it since I worked on "the line" during the restaurant days. Now that I work for myself I can actually take time off from any work without asking my "boss" or worrying about my health insurance covering the income I make.

During a regular bike ride I ended up feeling a little bit of pain in my hamstring while pedaling and riding my bike. I was able to make it back home without any problems, but I definitely knew that it was time to basically sit back and let my hamstring muscle relax.

While I begin to condition myself to running long distances like I used to, for some ironic reason I have not lost my touch with long distance biking. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the distance I ride or my shoes at all, but it doesn't hurt to sarcastically say that this is an excuse to buy new biking shoes for the heck of it. 

Instead of putting more pressure on my right leg than I need to, I decided to put myself on bed rest for a few days. To those that are not journalists/photographers here is how a normal work day for me goes. 

I spend a great deal amount of my day sitting in a chair (which puts pressure on my legs after a while even though it may not seem like it). While I do have a comfortable chair, sitting in one place for long periods of time is actually take its toll on the legs. When I start to feel that small pain creeping in or my legs fall asleep, I typically get up and walk around the house. I also take it as a subliminal sign to go take my coffee break as well.  

To end this on a good note, as much pain as I went through during the hamstring situation, I am fine now. A majority of the time when I am sick or physically hurt all I have to do is sleep it off before it becomes too serious. I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to basically letting my body heal itself instead of things becoming more serious.

Now that I am back and 100% it is time for me to share with you all a lot of new news that I have been dying to tell you. Stay tuned!