Time To Start Covering Music In Our Own Backyard

You didn't think that I was going to stop at just two new news blog posts right? In the words of the great Billy Mays...

Recently me and AXS where I covered new music news such as top 5 lyrics, my favorite top 10 songs of artists, and new concert announcements severed ties. It was a great journey with AXS, and I will always look at my time with them as a learning lesson. There is no bad feelings between me and them at all. However, I loved covering music with them and since I can continue to cover music here on my own terms... why not?

I have a list of 700+ articles regarding music that I will simply cover here. For those that know me, I absolutely love music and discovering new artists from all genres to listen to on a daily basis.

During my college days (which was not that long ago even though it may sounds like decades since then), I was known for basically being connected to my iPod and headphones. It was rare to see me without my headphones in and music blasting at max volume on a daily basis (especially during mid-terms/finals week).

Nothing has changed by the way other than me using my iPad instead of an iPod (which I need to get a new one soon now that I think about it). If I can find an older generation iPod new/in great condition (you know with the the wheel instead of touch screen) I am definitely buying it!

So instead of having to visit a separate website to get my news articles in regards to music, I am bringing all of it right here in our own backyard! Although I have a plethora of articles already set in place to be published, I have no problem taking any recommendations in regards to what you all would like to see me cover music wise. Don't be shy... speak your piece or forever be silent!  

This is all of the new news/updates that I have for you all today regarding me personally. There is more to come, but I'll save some of it for tomorrow as well. Until next time... have a great day!