The Newest Journalist For Is Yours Truly

During my personal injury break that put me on the sideline for a little while did not included wasted time. For the past few weeks I sought after the last piece of my journalism empire with one goal in mind... obtain a contract on the west coast. I am beyond excited to finally tell you all that I am now a part of the team!

After being vetted out and proving my worth as a journalist I was welcomed with open arms to my new writing family. This new news definitely made the pain in my hamstring and being on bed rest a little more bearable to deal with.

Now of course I do not live in the Bay Area (California) per se, but this where the details become even better.

The Bay Area is not new to me by any means necessary. While I will begin writing articles remotely this gives me the opportunity to travel back and forth there at will. It also gives me a little excuse to escaping the cold in Denver during the winter season.

I have been playing around with the idea of having a second home/business office farther on the west coast since I'll be closer there anyways instead of New York City (the other option I still have in mind). This is the perfect reason for me to take this idea more seriously. I am not saying that this is going to b a guaranteed move at the moment, but it is good to at least have the idea on the table (at least in my opinion). 

If everything fits accordingly and I do find myself having a place of residence in the Bay Area, then it will be a new addition that happens when the time is right. For now I will be writing about topics such as gaming, the local food/restaurant scene, and lifestyle articles specifically for the Bay Area. I am currently working on my first article... but I will keep that a secret for now. All of the articles I write for them will be on display on the homepage here for you all to see when they are released?

And on that note I will end this blog post here. What a way to comeback from an injury right? There is even more good news that I have to share with you all,  which I will most likely release tomorrow. Until then, I am heading over to Chef & Coffee, and Nerds Realm to write some more blog posts/articles.

Have a great day everyone!