New News Website Coming Your Way!

I am going to try and keep this is as short as possible because I am pretty excited for it and I also have to get back to work on it. Over the past (well forever) this blog has always been my place of personal serenity. Although I may not have been as active as I wanted to in my early years, getting off from work at 3am (generally a late hour) the only opportunities I had to blog was when I had days off from work and absolutetly no errands to run.

I began blogging because I wanted a place to call my own on the Internet and also share my personal thoughts and experiences. Things have evolved since then and I am not complaining at all (I am actually beyond grateful for how things are turning out)! Now that I am able to expand my portfolio of websites to cover different topics through my passions of writing/journalism I am going to do it all.

So as I say this with an elated heart this blog will get back to the roots that I planted years ago. And now I present to you my new baby...

KLT News Network will be the home of where I cover topics/subjects going on in our world today from a more "news" standpoint. I am pretty excited about this because I have really been anxious to write more on recent stories and other topics/subjects. This is a huge reason why I barely touched on any news stories going on now. For the most part it just did not feel right writing them here and it took me time to realize why.  Now we are here!

One thing that many people may not know about me is that I am an Independent when it comes to politics. I am not 100% for Republican morals and values... I am not 100% for Democrat morals and values. Essentially I understand that one side is not always right. One major problem I want to touch on when the website goes live is how people have conformed to one side politically even when they know they are wrong.

Okay this is actually getting a little longer than I expected so let me cut this short. There are going to be some obvious changes that are long overdue here and brand new insertions to KLT News Network.

What you can expect to see me cover over on KLT New Network from now on. (I will cover all topics as much as I can from the US and internationally!)

  • General news (excluding race/racial type of news. I have thought about this for a while during the planning phase. Seeing how individuals handle/harass others for simply having their own opinion and they don't agree with them, I do not want this website/news network to be associated with stories of those nature.)
  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Entertainment *(excluding celebrity gossip... I am not wasting my time with "reality TV" or any mess of that nature

What is going away from here (which will now be under the "Archives" category)

  • Culture
  • EATW (Entrepreneurs Around The World)
  • Food (you can go to Chef & Coffee for food related content)
  • Gaming, and Nerd Essentials (you can go to Nerds Realm for gaming/nerd culture content)
  • Politics

To get up-to-date information including exactly when the website goes live you can follow me on my main Twitter account here, the umbrella group (KLT Concepts) Twitter account here, and/or KLT News Network Twitter account here! Just follow all 3 of them to make your life that much more easier (haha)!  

Okay I seriously have to get back to finalizing the website details and I hope you all enjoy it! Have a great day! :)