Explore The Documentary: Lil Wayne "The Carter Documentary"

*(Before you press play TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN! The beginning 30 seconds includes a typical TV warning beeping sound that you don't want blaring in your ear. Do not say that I did not warn you!) 

Although I rarely listen to any new Rap/Hip-Hop post 2008 purposely, I still want to cover one of my favorite documentaries from a Hip-Hop artist Lil Wayne. Growing up I was pretty much surrounded with listening to Hip-Hop because that is the only genre of music that was embraced. Over time I eventually became more aware of the content that Hip-Hop was perpetuating and expanded the music I listened (and currently listen) to.

Lil Wayne is arguably the best Hip-Hop artist of my generation (definitely top 5 on my own personal list). While the topics he does implement in his lyrics are simply "art reflecting the artist's life" are not things I would absolutely condone, what keeps me being a fan of Lil Wayne is more than just the music he puts out. 

In this documentary Lil Wayne lets the cameras follow him in addition to giving insight of his life. The work ethic that he has in addition to his determination for being the greatest rapper alive is motivation that anyone in any career field can learn from. No matter the location (the studio, a hotel, his tour bus) Lil Wayne is always working on new material.

This is what made me admire Lil Wayne not only as an artist, but as a hard working individual. To me personally everything that I do is generally for my "work." What I do for a living now are the same things that I did for fun because they were my passions. However, I have such a great and deep rooted passion for everything that I do that it really is not "work" in the way people would perceive a 9-5 regular job. 

Even if you do not listen to Hip-Hop faithfully like I once did, it was pretty near impossible to turn on the radio between 2008-2010 and not hear a Lil Wayne song or a feature including Lil Wayne.

I highly suggest for anyone (especially if you are an artist of any form) to watch this documentary and add it to your Vimeo favorites as well. If I am not mistaken the actual physical DVD is no longer available for purchase. If the latter changes, then I will update this section accordingly. 

What do you all think about Lil Wayne as a Hip-Hop artist and overall as a person? Also... do you think that Tha Carter V will ever be released despite the turmoil Lil Wayne and Birdman are currently going through?