Stop Trying To "Guilt Shame" Others For Your Own Benefit

While I am not a fan by any means necessary of the whole "add shame/shaming after anything someone disagrees with you on" for the sake of this blog post I'll use the term. 

On a daily basis I become more and more comfortable with being an introvert. There are too many people in society today thinking that there ideology is law and everyone should follow suit. It has become increasingly irritating to not only see individuals try and guilt shame others for their own benefit, but also going through it myself. 

Oh my gosh it is such a bad thing to have your own mind and beliefs right? Respectively disagreeing with someone means that you are a (insert any term here)-shamer, or racist, or sexist. Ironically the same people that use guilt shaming tactics as their way of persuading others are the first to label others "shamers." Funny right? 

Having your own personal opinions about any topic used to be embraced a decade ago. Learning from others by listening to different perspectives was not only encouraged, but a lifestyle that very few questioned (compared to now of course). 

To those that are becoming targets of this "new way of thinking" others are trying to force on everyone... stay as far away as humanely possible! I mean this in real life and on social media (stay away from them)! Save yourself the time and stress that you do not need in your life at all.

As much as it would be beneficial for society to get back to the "agreeing to disagree" culture, I highly doubt that will happen on a large scale again. Playing the victim game is no longer a facade for people that need a reason to cry and complain just for the sake of it. Even when they are not directly effected by (insert a scenario here) if they have ammo (metaphorically speaking) to use for their guilt shaming mentality, they have no problem using it

Individuals that think everything and everyone not acting as their clone is somehow an awful human being and should be labeled as such. It is not about "changing" those type of people, but believing they would have common sense to simply understand every one has their own way of thinking (and being thoroughly disappointed). 

To those that try to guilt shame others... you're not going to listen to anything that doesn't fit your agenda/opinions anyways so there's no point of even saying anything to you. 

What do you all (and by you I mean people with commons sense) think about this? Are you tired of individuals in society trying to guilt shame their way to getting what they want? Have you personally experienced someone trying to guilt shame you into an opinion/lifestyle because it will be beneficial to their egos and not you personally?