#WeekendCoffeeShare: Thanksgiving Will Not Be The Same This Year

As a blogger not posting a new blog for two days seem like forever! However, here I am sitting at the desk with a cup of coffee and a full stomach if pizza. It is the weekend so grab some coffee for yourself (because I am not sharing this pot... it's really good) and lets talk about Thanksgiving this year. 

I am beyond excited for November to come around! Usually it is because Thanksgiving being one of my favorite holidays of the year. Of course that includes the feasts that I enjoy with loved ones and the only day where I can literally eat all day and no one says "why are you eating so much... take a break?" (Haha!) 

Nonetheless, this year is beyond different because Pokémon is the main course for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is so close I can pretty much here the music playing in my headphones right now! I have already told some friends this, but it does not hurt to make it public. If you invite me to your place for Thanksgiving I will be playing Pokémon Moon at the dinner table and while watching the Steelers vs Colts Football game.

I have absolutely no shame in saying this. I already have my 3DS case to carry all of my necessities in while traveling. Do not get mad and do not feel as if I am not paying attention to you... because I am... maybe! 

In all seriousness, I do not know exactly where I am going to be for Thanksgiving this year. I have a place in mind that I have never been to for any holiday so we will see how that goes. If I can have it my way I am pretty sure that it will be one of the best Thanksgiving weekends of my life. 

For those that are Pokémon trainers and awaiting the new journey to begin, which version are you getting? Where are you going to be for Thanksgiving this year? And the most important question to end this blog post... are you going for the Steelers or the Colts on Thanksgiving? If you are a Steelers fan, then we are definitely not talking at the dinner table (haha)!