That One Special Person In Your Life + Fall

The temperature is becoming noticeably lower day by day and I love it! I do not have to check the weather app on my iPad in bed to even notice this. During the summer I typically step outside because the weather can be hot one day and as cool as fall the next after a thunderstorm. Anytime I step outside and no longer break out in a sweat from drinking a copious amount of water every day (that is actually a thing) that lets me know summer is slowly fading away until next year.

Winter is by far my favorite season out of the four (or 5 if you technically include autumn). Now that the 2nd most perfect season is approaching (aka the prelude to winter), people are going to start spending a little more time outside... close together! It is inevitable to walk out in public during the fall and not see at least one happy couple walking around with each other holding hands and being extremely cute. 

For those that do no have "that one special person" in their life yet, you have two options here. To those that are in a relationship/married, you are on this list as well. 

1) Continue to stay single by choice

I am in no way shape or form going to be one of those people that think everyone absolutely needs to actively seek a relationship anytime they are single. There are some people truly happy with just being alone (and that is completely fine). Who knows, maybe they still have not healed from their previous relationship.

If you are single by choice, don't feel pressure to have someone keep you company for the sake of others opinions. If you are happy alone at the moment, then anyone that genuinely cares about you should respect your personal life in this regards.

2) You are single, but you do want to find that one special person

Did you have get all of your summer fun out of your system? If you fit in this option, then hopefully the answer to your question is yes. Finding your potential soulmate will drop drastically if clubs and bars have been your go-to hangout spots during the weekend. Your main goal is to find someone that compliments you in a relationship.

Fall weather for some odd reason calms most individuals attitudes and energy down. Not that the latter is a bad thing by any means. Nonetheless, one thing that you should always keep in mind is holding casual, laid back conversations as much as possible. 

If you spend a good amount of time at the local cafe/Starbucks having coffee, brunch, or lunch and someone catches your eye, the first thing you should do is try to keep their attention as much as you can. After that do not feel the need to rush the other person or a relationship at all. Let everything fall into place naturally and if all goes well then you will be able to jump into option #3.

3) The current couples

Be honest, many of you have been waiting for the fall to get here for the sole purpose to have an excuse just spend more time cuddling with your significant other. If you fit into the latter statement... I do not blame you one bit! It does not have to be a literal excuse, but a sarcastic inside joke that you and the special person in your life find happiness in during this fall.

Enjoy the time you get to spend close with your significant other. Hold their hand in public not to make people in options #1 and #2 jealous in any way intentionally (seriously, don't be that person). Hold their hand because of the smile it gives them and yourself. Hold them in your arms (or wrap yourself in their arms) and without uttering a single word let them know how much you care/love being with them alone or in a crowd full of people.

(If you have a friend that is stuck in option #2 and you know it for a fact... play matchmaker instead of letting Tinder fell them for another year.) 

What option are you currently in right now? If you are not part of option 3 (because I am not promoting the end of relationships here haha) then which option do you want to be in?

Have a great Monday and start to your week! :)