#WeekendCoffeeShare: I Guess Facebook Will Always Be A Part Of My Life... Mainly For Business

Normally I would tell you to bring just a cup of coffee to the table during #WeekendCoffeeShare... but just bring the whole pot this time! Yes you are reading the title right, however, there are some details within it that I have to tell you as well. 

Anyone who knows me in real life or through this blog knows that my distaste for Facebook is pretty high. I'm not saying that the platform itself is bad because without Facebook I'm pretty sure a good majority of my adult life would not have happened the way it has. It's the way people/associates/friends (and strangers whom slipped through the cracks) that are somehow immune to being deleted because they are really not bad people act on there.

Now there is great news in the silver lining here. Compared to say this past March and now, my activity on Facebook has been pretty much non-existent. I have checked in with my friends every 10 days or so just to make sure they are fine (and they are okay for the most part). With all of the work and new projects that I have in the works, Facebook has rarely been a thought in my mind. 

Nonetheless, getting completely rid of the account will not be an option for the foreseeable future. A few months ago I even "deleted" my Facebook Business Page... or so I thought. I spoke with a good friend and we talked about business + social media. Of course Facebook came up and said friend knew my thoughts before I actually said them.

However, said friend also put things in perspective that I was too stubborn to see because of the distain I held for Facebook. A wide variety of business factors came into play (many I can't speak of because they also include future projects kept under lock and key for now) that made this decision for me.

I can tell you one key factor though. No matter how shitty Facebook is with the business pages and not showing everyone who likes it my posts, it is better for me to have that Facebook SEO to generate traffic (whether it is one view or thousands of views). Something is better than nothing, and with the way I have my plan setup now (which is nothing like I tried to plan in the past with my Facebook Business Page), it actually makes me happy overall.

I guess I will say "thankfully now" my Facebook Fan Page did not delete completely, it was just unpublished to the public. Yes, I will be reviving my Facebook Business Page as of today. The current name of the page is KLT Concepts (@KLTConcepts).

Now I messed up when changing the name, so in a week or so I will be changing the title slightly to Kenon Lamont Thompson - KLT Concepts. The reason behind adding my name is that people on Facebook don't even know of the new updates with the umbrella group I recently started (so you old readers know more about my life than they do right now). My close friends are pretty aware of how they can contact me (excluding Facebook Messanger) in the worse case scenario that there is emergency news they have to tell me.

In a sense I am more happier about this part than I thought I would be. I don't know if it is because of the amount of new material I know I have planned ahead or just the fact that I needed some time away.

Now this does not mean that I will be spending hours going down my personal Facebook Page timeline. I will be treating my Facebook Business Page in the same manner that I actually treated my personal page (i.e. the status updates I post... if its "personal" it stays on the blog).

Thankfully there is an easier way for me to release the blog posts on my website and on the Facebook Business Page simultaneously. All I will do is make sure that the blog posts/articles actually post how I want them to. 

To old readers here this news will seem a bit old to you, which is why the rest of this blog post is literally for those on Facebook that are unaware of the news. 

*Hey Facebook readers/friends, here is your time to catch up!* 

These are the blog posts that you need to catch up on instead of me reselling you everything again and making this blog post longer than it needs to be for a Sunday. The list will be in chronological order from oldest to present. 

This will be the outro, so I hope you all have an amazing Sunday and an amazing rest of the week. I hope that everything I have planned for the Facebook Business Page comes into fruition and you like them.