Why You Need To Just Go For It

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs and became pretty interested in one topic specifically. So I decided to touch on it from my own perspective!

Have you ever been in a non-life threatening dilemma that made you doubt yourself more than normal? Me personally there have been moments that I knew would shape my life and with the options placed in front of me (at the time) I did not hesitate to jump as soon as I could. 

Being a risk taker is not something that everyone sees the same. Some people are hesitant and fearful that they might make the wrong decision. Then there are people like me that have already been set on a goal and the very moment it arises you can hear the gun that starts off track and field running events go off. 

Did you just receive a formal invitation to work at your dream job? How about getting approved for two of your home/apartment options? And one of the most common risky situations... your crush has not only talked to you, but also shown you interest as well! What's your next move? 

All of these things are potential risks that can either make you the happiest individual on the face of the planet in that moment, or make you completely ruin your mood in a matter of days. Here are a few things you should take into consideration (quickly) when you should stop overthinking your next plan of action and just go for it! 

This may be your one and only shot! 

In your mind if you have been waiting for something to happen and it falls into your lap don't you dare wait a second longer! There is nothing worse mentally than thinking "what if" in a situation you had full control of. Even if this is a decision that you have seen others get second, third, or even forth chances at in life this is you we are talking about. Everyone on the planet does not get the same amount of chances as others... don't let what could be your only one get away. 

Wasting time is for losers

I rarely use the H word, but in this case it is pretty worthy of it. I hate wasting time! I don't care if it is a few seconds or a few hours (which can add up to days and weeks if you break it down). Taking a risk that can change your life for the better is something that you should want to enjoy as much as you humanly can. If your mind is set, do not let anyone or anything get in your way. Second guessing? Nope... that doesn't exist here! In the words of Sweet Brown...

Taking risks is more fun than you may think

If you are going to be this daring risk-taker, you mind as well have fun with it. If you fail or succeed (which I hope you always succeed) understand that this is going to be a story you tell to friends, family members, and/or your significant other. For the most part (and not to say this in an arrogant way) most of the chances I have taken have been successful in some way shape or form. The failure stories do bring up memories that I still question to this day. I even create mock plans as if I am going back down those paths again (even though I am further along the road now). 

Playing it safe very rarely brings excitement and more success than the average. If you need some motivation to be better sorry than safe... I grace your ears to one of my favorite bands and songs that I play when I know I am getting ready to take a major risk. 

What are you waiting for? Are there any decisions you have doubts about making right now? Also share any song(s) that you listen to that is motivational to you despite self-doubts.