Finally (Officially) Launching My Umbrella... KLT Concepts!

This might seem a little confusing, but I'll explain it all I promise.

In 2010 during college, I started my first two businesses simultaneously (Kenon Lamont Thompson Journalism & Photography). I did not know exactly how both would go in the future (now), but I cannot explain how grateful I am for the experiences I have had so far. Now that everything is becoming exactly what I want them to be, I can actually have an umbrella group. So I officially unveil to you my business group... KLT Concepts!

Initially my blog (this one) started out as a place where I would just write about whatever was/is on my mind. Of course in college (and even post graduation) I basically had very little time to focus on my journalism and photography. Working in restaurants 12+ hours a day (then going to bars or just hanging out with other chefs/line cooks/waiters/waitresses) was my life. 

However, since taking the leap last year to start working for myself full time, I have been able to focus on my passions and expand pretty quickly! 

(Just to clear things up for new readers... no I am not in anyway shape or form giving up being a Chef! That is still a part of my life and there are projects in the works that I can't release just yet.)

For a good portion of 2015 I worked on structuring Nerds Realm (where I nerd out about everything that nerds would), and Chef & Coffee (my Food + Travel blog). Chef & Coffee is a little bit harder to maintain because I am actually transitioning to back home to Denver. I have been testing recipes, but for now I am posting more journalistic blog posts there (for now).

Overall I am pretty happy expanding my different interests to different blogs. Readers that only want to see me be a nerd or only be a Chef can go to those websites respectively instead of my general website/blog (here). 

What I can tell you is in the works right now I have not told anyone yet (yes come into the huddle now because you get exclusive news here). 

I am currently working on a brand new website that is specifically for news. Local news, world news, business news, and politics (local and international) is what I will cover on the new website as an independent journalist/reporter. This is a major reason why I have not covered much on politics here anymore. I want the transition to be smooth and seamless. 

There will be no other writers on the new website as I want all of this content to come from me solely. I am not going to release the actual name yet because I want to leave some surprise to it. 

I have created a Twitter account for the group, which you can follow here. On that account you will be able to see updates (including blog posts/articles) about all of my websites/blogs. I am also working on a website to specifically house the group (which will most likely be released before the news website/blog.) 

There is a good portion of the new news that I have been keeping under lock and key for quite a while. Stay tuned on Twitter as I continue working on making the new websites live as soon as possible, then you can tune in to them both as well!