You Have Less Than A Split Second To Save Your Life... What's Your Decision?

Here we are again in America, waking up to a plethora of news stories, race baiting illogical arguments, and tweets about #BlackLivesMatter because the skin color of the officer was white. If you have not heard it by now, you will before dinner is served. 

Whether you choose to believe the 7:45pm yesterday timeline or 2am early this morning timeline, Tyree (or as some reports are stating 'Tyre') King, a 13-year old boy was shot and killed by police. According to initial reports this was no isolated incident in the same manner some are trying to compare to Tamir Rice's situation.

Police were called to the scene of an armed robbery in progress and acted accordingly. This passage comes from where I initially learned of the situation.

Police said officers investigating a reported armed robbery in east Columbus on Wednesday night were told by a male victim that a group of people approached him and demanded money. One of them, he told officers, had a gun.

Officers said they were attempting to speak with three people down the street who matched the descriptions of the male suspects when two of them fled on foot.

”Officers followed the males to the alley ... and attempted to take them into custody when one suspect pulled a gun from his waistband. One officer shot and struck the suspect multiple times,” according to a police statement.

Of course people are already up in arms saying this was a racially charged murder and the cops should have done more before shooting Tyree. We should already be at the point of common sense now with these situations.

The main objective (job) of police officers is to "protect and serve" right? If they are called upon any scene (especially where one is considered armed and possibly dangerous) then they are doing their job as "public servants." Are people going to keep blaming the police for doing their jobs or start holding the individuals that put themselves in these situation accountable? 

Unfortunately this situation ended in a kid losing his life. It is still under investigation and will obviously be a focal point news story for the rest of the week. As more information is released (per usual) all doubts and questions will be put to rest (even though people will still speculate for the purpose of playing victim). 

At the end of the day, it should be a general consensus that very few people truly condone police brutality (I sure as heck do not)! I don't care if you are a cop or a general civilian... if someone has the audacity to to put your life in danger (especially with a gun) protect yourself, your team (fellow cop mates in this instance), and your loved ones by any means necessary.

It is beyond unfair to think someone should "ask questions" first to someone that clearly has no regards for the lives of others and have intentions of causing harm/killing them. It doesn't matter how young or old you are... you or someone else pulls out a gun (fake gun, Nerf Gun, BB gun, real gun, Wal-Mart toy gun with an orange tip, etc.,) to an officer or someone who has no idea who you/they are, don't complain that someone defended their own lives.