Do What Makes You Happy On Social Media

Unfortunately watching society change from the time I was a kid thinking people would be the same and looking at how things are now as a grown adult is quite disappointing. I remember in the 90s when individuals (friends, family, and even strangers) were more positive towards everyone than judgmental. Of course it was not all rainbows and unicorns. However, for those that grew up in the 90s (or were born in that amazing decade), comparing then to now is simply apples to oranges. 

Many people like to blame "social media" for the way society is now. When did it make sense to blame inanimate websites for the cause of how society chooses to act? It is beyond me to understand complaints such as "Facebook/Twitter has made life so hard for people and lets everyone be nosey for no reason."

One would think that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) or Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) specifically sit behind their computers daily releasing personal information of millions for the sake of drama. It is not the fault of social media platforms that drive people with common sense to believe society is collapsing right before our very eyes.

The people using these social media platforms to spread their hate or start drama for absolutely no reason has become more of a detriment than the original intentions of what social media is supposed to be used for. Individuals behind a computer screen/cell phone/tablet don't think they any sense of accountability with what they say. It's pretty easy to scream in all caps hatred and judgmental words to someone's life (especially those that are complete strangers), then exit out of the browser window as if nothing happened. 

I enjoy social media for the fact that I would not have met most of my close friends now from all around the world if they did not exist. I'm pretty sure AOL and Yahoo Messenger would not have the same impact if we used them today the same way Facebook and Twitter is used. Idiots will only multiply now and there's no way to really stop them!  No matter how much we wish upon stars that society would revert back to more of a positive mindset in general, its best we just adjust accordingly. 

Social media platforms are places to be yourself, enjoy the work and opinions of like minded people, in addition to learning different perspectives of others. I have finally weened myself off from Facebook (yes you all know how that goes). Anytime I get on there (which is sporadically just to check on close friends) all I see is drama and immediately log off asap. Twitter is way more better although idiots are there too (just not as much). 

At the end of the day... do whatever makes you happy on social media. Just don't add to the mindless drama that happens daily. Remember that there is a block button on all social media outlets. Don't feel bad with using them [block buttons] as frequently as you need to. Meet new friends, enjoy the beauty of the world from the perspectives of others, and most importantly, spread your own positivity as well.