#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cutting Out Dead Weight In Your Life

It's Sunday, the day where it felt like I slept for 16 hours, but in reality it was only 4 hours! As I begin my day with breakfast and a few ups of coffee, I decided to make some extra coffee for you (now you can't say I have never done anything for you haha). It's the first Sunday of the professional football season and it is also 9/11, so I will keep this short.

Today we remember those that lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. They did not get to live their lives to the fullest like they planned. Unfortunately it was all gone at the blink of an eye and "what if" now looms over their loved ones more so today than on a daily basis. In the same manner that I would not wish death on someone is the same manner that I would not wish good hearted individuals keep toxic people in their lives. It may not be easy and in the moment it may suck, but your happiness in life should not be ruined by those who do not have your best interest at heart. 

As I continue to progress in my life and this "I work for myself life" I'm starting to notice that there is more dead weight (metaphorically speaking people) that I need to cut out of my life. I can already see individuals trying to take advantage of my time and money as if my life is now way easier than before. Apparently everyone wants to have a piece of the pie, but didn't have any part in putting all the ingredients together. (Metaphorically speaking of course... and now I seriously want pie!)

I'm also starting to notice the way criticism is starting to pour in. In a humble tone, individuals that would love to be in my position trying to dictate how I live my life by their "rules and standards" are a complete joke. Friends/associates, and even family can become individuals that have their "safe space opinions" about my life only to have the audacity to say "I don't care what you think" are expendable to me at this point. 

People in society today are becoming way too comfortable with believing that they can criticize at an extremely rapid rate, but be immune to a dose of their own medicine. To be quite honest I should have cut off the dead weight sooner than later. However, trying to see the good in people and giving them more chances than they should have is my fault. 

So what is the lesson for today? Enjoy good coffee, have an amazing brunch, and no matter who it is (friends or family), if they are being more of a negative energy liability to your life than a positive/constructive critic, simply cut them out of your life. No need to stress or even second guess it. Maybe at another time in life things can change. Your daily happiness now is more important than conforming to those that bring you nothing but turmoil hoping you join them in the quicksand of misery. 

Have a great Sunday (and rest of the week) everyone!