YouTube Changes Means I Have Changes Of My Own

Content creators (YouTubers) small and large have all weighed in on the "new" changes that YouTube have recently made. Most notably one of my favorite YouTubers Phillip Defranco touched on this and spoke for pretty much a wide variety of YouTubers. 

Although I have been planning on creating my own YouTube channel for quite awhile, these new changes definitely made me rethink my whole game plan. While I never looked at YouTube as something I will consider a main source of income, it still made me hesitant on the overall effects that video creation will have.

The demonetization ofvideos that are basically seen as "offensive" is way too broad to overlook. We live in a society today where people are offended by literally everything. Even the most kind-hearted individuals such as Ellen Degeneres and her sarcastic joke of accomplishing regular trips by being on the back of Usain Bolt has been twisted to some racist connotation.

I am not a fan of the whole PC (politically correct) mindset that easily offended people are trying to shove down everyone else's throat. The main basis of what I wanted my YouTube channel to be was gaming video and vlogs. However, I always kept an open mind to it because as a journalist, I always left it on the table to expand on more news opinion type of videos as well.

With that being said, I am now shifting my plans to a different route than I initially stated. Instead of using YouTube to share my videos I am going to put way more focus towards Vimeo and Twitch.

I don't know why I didn't put Vimeo at the forefront to begin with, but thankfully I did not get too deep into the YouTube channel to the point of no return. For those that are not familiar with Vimeo I will let you all in on what the platform is.

Vimeo is pretty much a better version of YouTube and less saturated with video content creators. Vimeo has always been more geared towards those that are filmmakers and short movie creators. Vimeo also offers videos to be standard HD quality compared to YouTube. While video/content creators on Vimeo do not put a substantial amount of focus on the monetization of their videos through ads, it is more of a benefit than a hindrance.

Since my focus from the beginning was to focus on the videos/vlogs I create for the pure passion over making money off of them, this seems like a better option for me to take. I will be re-releasing my initial vlog later on next week with a little bit more content in it. I am also waiting on a new logo to come in (which I will explain a little bit later on next week as well).

In regards to Twitch, I am still going to keep that the same with slight additions. Although I watch Twitch and the gaming streamers on there way more than I have ever watched cable TV in my life, I recently learned something new. There are streamers that stream live cooking shows on Twitch as well (I know, I have been living under a rock at this point).

Twitch is more than just gaming and I am beyond late on exploring the other realms of creatives on there. Recently I have watched a few cooking streams from (insert Mrs whatever name is here) and I have enjoyed them a lot. Now that I am aware that there is a sector for cooking Twitch streamers, I think it is a great opportunity to seize.

So with that being said, I will be focusing on gaming and live cooking streams as well on my Twitch channel as well! I don't have a definitive set date on when I will be releasing stream videos onTwitch yet as I have some more back work to take care of. However, I will definitely keep you all up-to-date on that new news when it happens.

Now that we are all caught up on the new news that I have to share with you all so far and you have read through this long post here is an extra reward. I will be releasing two new photos to the Welcome To My Nightmare series tomorrow (Sunday)! It has been a little over two years since I released a photo from the series. While it may seem like I have not been working on the series, I actually have.

The reasons behind the long wait in between photos is because I have been working on new ways that I want to tell the stories through each photo. I have also been working on new post-processing methods as well, which I think you all will enjoy. So stay tuned to those new photo and I hope you all have a great weekend!