Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Friends

One thing that has always worked in my favor is people thinking that I am shy (I am not making this up, I swear). I assume people get that initial vibe from me because I genuinely like to listen to people and how they articulate their conversations. Once I become knowing and understanding with how a new friend is from the way they speak, then I open up more to them. 

When people ask me to describe myself, I simply tell them that I am myself and a compilation of all the amazing friends/like minded business network. For some reason people are losing sight that the people they surround themselves with essentially represents them as well.

The double edge sword here is that some individuals pay close attention to either everything that favors their opinion in liking you, or everything that favors their opinion in not liking you. Like-minded individuals understand that it is completely fine to agree to disagree. However, there are some that will be disingenuous to the facts presented right in front of their faces and bigots (you don't need those kind of people in your life). 

True friends have no problem calling each other out for being wrong respectively. You can't stay mad at them too long when your favorite show or an event y'all have planned is going to be the setting for your funny disagreements anyways. There is no need to lose a friendship just because of a mere disagreement (which is happening way too often now in my opinion). 

Now this does not mean you have to show signs of acting exactly like one of your friends/business associates. Nonetheless it can be something very small such as the way you talk, the words you use, or simply the way you act when you are around specific people. 

Nothing in the latter paragraph should be taken as a bad thing at all (remember... I am myself and a compilation). I think the essence of surrounding myself around like-minded people is how I have become such an open-minded type of person as well.

When I lived in Kansas I was surrounded by peers that only listened to Hip-Hop music. Respectively so, I loved Hip-Hop back in the late 90s - early 2000s too. This new Hip-Hop now is 99% trash (which I will be writing about on AXS soon). No one (and I mean no one) really listened to Rock, Metal, Folk, and Indie type of music. Once I moved to Denver the very first day my new friends played nearly every genre of music possible, which I will never forget. 

With the type of society that we live in now, it is best to just surround yourself with like-minded friends whether it is just 1 friend or 10 friends. Just be happy with your life and always think about the things that make you smile. As I am still working on some behind the scenes things in regards to my move to Denver (which I will touch on in a later blog post), the postponement is because of better things being presented. 

Time for me to head out for now, #TipsyChat is getting ready to start soon and since I missed last week's session I definitely need to be there tonight. Share your thoughts and experiences about the topic of how you surround yourself with like-minded friends. Do you feel that there are some friends you should let go? Is it hard to let them go? Or do you have exactly the right people in your life around you right now?