#WeekendCoffeeShare: Progress On My YouTube Channel + My Own Instagram Updates

Being a sole-proprietor entrepreneur I'm pretty happy that I have learned all the skills I need to produce all of the content I want on my own. Photography, writing/blogging, video production/editing, and marketing that takes a team of people I do it all on my own. While I have no problem working with other people on projects, when it comes to my content, I love having full control of it.

I am pretty excited about the progress that I have been making in regards to my new YouTube channel, new photography, and overall social media branding. I have scheduled to release the introduction video of my YouTube channel this week. Although it is just an intro, I still want to be confident without hesitation of pressing the publish button and not wonder what I could have done differently.

While the first intro video is not even out yet, I have already planned out how I am going to structure my vlogs, cooking videos, and gaming videos. As you may or may not know, I am in a Pokémon competitive league called APA (American Pokémon Association). I finished my first week battle and I am waiting for some thumbnails from my graphic artist to use for the video setup. Once I get those then I will be posting that video battle shortly after.

In regards to my Instagram accounts I am switching things up a bit. With the new Instagram Stories being a thing now, I have decided to make my original Instagram more of a personal account for family and friends only. I will not be posting video Instagram Stories on that account, however, I will be distributing my Instagram content accordingly to the accounts that also have their specific purposes to my websites/blogs.

If you are not following these accounts, I highly suggest that you do. There will be a ton of a Instagram Stories (videos and photos) on them.

I am currently working on new YouTube projects with other YouTubers and bloggers that I cannot release publicly just yet. However, I am working on some new features for the Bloggers Around The World series, which will be released on this blog (of course).

That's all of the new news I have for you all today! If you would like to receive instant notifications of when I release new blogs and videos, follow me on Twitter here and turn on my notifications. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday and rest of the week. Until next weekend... #WeekendCoffeeShare signing out!