Stop Playing The Victim! Actual Victims Exist (Which Is Not You)

People are getting inflated egos in today's society thinking they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and no one can say anything. I truly hate to say this... the latter is coming more from the black community/individuals than anyone else.

The ignorance of Black Lives Matter (and its narrative as a whole) is not creating positive change. It is fostering individuals to think that no one should ever say anything or do anything wrong to them. Yet they can cause all of the ruckus and harm they so desire at will.

This entire week I have debated and watched people truly try to justify Korryn Gaines actions resulting in her death. Excuses continues to pop up as to what the cops should have done in regards to non-lethal force tactics, instead of why Korryn put herself and her 5 year old kid in that situation that was completely unavoidable. 

It doesn't matter how much she weighed or the fact that she is a woman. A threat is a threat no matter what gender, race, or weight it is. If she really had a legitimate lawsuit would have just kept a low profile and waited until the court dates occurred.

But no... in March she rode around with a cardboard cut out of tags on her car (CARDBOARD) and was argumentative to every law enforcer that tried to genuinely help her in all of the videos she posted. Even during this traffic stop Korryn's son had enough common sense! If you go to the video at 6:20 seconds, a few seconds later at 6:36 on forward, you will hear her 5 year old son say "he just was being nice" referring to the cop and Korryn tries to take credit as if her son meant she was being nice (and then laughs at the camera). 

Her Facebook was deactivated because posting a live standoff is well within the rights of police departments all across the country of asking Facebook to deactivate said account. Even if the cops didn't ask Facebook to temporarily suspend her account, her posts still would have got flagged and removed. 

It is one thing for an unfortunate situation such as Philando Castile, Charles Kinsey (behavior therapist shot in Florida unjustified and lived), Tyshawn Lee (9 year old kid whom still has not received any attention from the Black Lives Matter organization), and Korryn's 5 year old son who had to witness this. Those are victims! Those are the people we all as a nation should be rallying behind! 

Nonetheless we live in a society now where a majority of idiots wants to be the victim. A majority of idiots wants to claim that they are "sovereign citizens" and don't have to participate by the law (in Korryn's words). Yet when her finger got cut for being forced out of her car after being arrested, when she could have literally just went home with just tickets and not jail time... what did she ask for? That's right... she asked for medical attention (which was free) by the same exact people she claimed had no authority over her about basic traffic violations. 

She played a big/tough game and lost, yet people will still not acknowledge her ignorance all because they hate to be wrong about anything. 

This is America ladies and gentlemen. Whatever you do, avoid these type of people at all cost whether they are your family, close friends, or just acquaintances. If someone thinks they should play the victim even when they are wrong, they will put your life in danger! Is this the type of people you want around your children and in your neighborhood?