The Rise And Fall Of One Family With One Husband/Wife

Every single day I watch both men and women complain about their baby mamas or baby daddies. Many people have become so reckless with who they have sex with, that they end up putting themselves in the predicament of having kids by "the wrong one." I had a debate with a person and this person said...

“It is unrealistic to find a hot successful significant other that doesn’t have any baggage. Those are unrealistic standards and if you find that person then you are extremely lucky.”

How crazy does that sound? For everyone whom have had sex, of course it feels good in the moment when it is great (no one can deny that). However, does sex really feel so amazing in the moment that you are willing to have a kid by someone that only wanted sex from you? Are you willing to bring another human being into this world and when they grow up you have to explain why they don't have a two parent household like their friends do?

Society has made it a norm for people to just have kids and not worry about how their kids will have to live with their misjudgment in who they had sex with. The only exception here is simply having kids from a marriage and then for some reason a divorce occurs. If you were married, then had kids by your wife/husband... none of this applies to you.

I've been criticized for saying that I wouldn't date a woman with kids. That is my personal standard and I'm not going to change just because "society" wants me to conform. You mind as well say I can't have standards of my own and just settle for whatever comes my way (which is never happening in any facet of my life). 

Men... stop having consensual sex with every woman that is willing to give it up. All because she has a nice body doesn't mean you should sleep with her the first chance she gives you just for the experience. We all know that the system is rigged against us. The line/excuse women know they can use in their favor "it takes two to make a baby" doesn't matter unless they want it to. You should know this by now, therefore, if you decide temporary pleasure over building a family with one woman/wife/mother of your children, you are making that decision.

If you want the kid, but she doesn't, then she can get an abortion or give the child up for adoption no matter what you think. She will not be put on child support or have to pay you anything. She will not be labeled a deadbeat mother by anyone!

If she wants the kid and you don't, then tough luck, she is most likely putting you on child support. Your paychecks will now go to a woman that wants nothing to do with you, but still feels entitled to the money you make for 18 years. They can use that money on their new makeup, clothes, etc., and not give a dime towards the care of the kid.

Women... stop having consensual sex with men just because of your emotions. If he is not showing you for a fact that he wants more than just sex with you, then don't have his baby. If he is not showing you signs of wanting to marry you one day over time (whether it is a few months or even a few years of dating) don't have his kids. Plain and simple!

There are over 30 birth contraceptives you can use. Don't use the excuse "well he should have wore a condom if he didn't want a baby" and you didn't use any protection yourself. If he didn't use a condom and you still decided to have sex with him, remember you let him do that when you could have said no.

Being a single mother is tough so why put yourself in that predicament? Remember "it takes two to have a baby" yet you have the ultimate say so if the child comes into existence or not. Choose your sexual partner(s) better and stop blaming everyone for your poor judgement in men.

Men and women who are baby mamas/baby daddies... don't think that you can live a reckless life with your sexual desires, then get mad when your future dating pool shortens because of it. No one is obligated to come into your life and take on the "baggage/kids" you brought upon yourself. A single man/woman with no kids and their life together (career/job, financially, and dependability) does not have to find you A+ desirable. With all due respect, your value as a significant other becomes damaged just like someone with a scandal reputation is hurt because of said scandal. 

You decided to have kids with someone else. If someone has high (normal actually, but now they are considered "high") standards of having one wife/husband and one mother/father of their children all with the same last name/bloodline, don't complain that they have "unrealistic standards" that you no longer meet.

Single men and women with no kids... save yourself the trouble and just wait until you find the right one that doesn't come with kids. Don't conform to what society is deeming okay now. No matter how much baby mamas/daddies try to perpetuate that they never have drama from their baby mamas/daddies, the fact they either do and are hiding it from you or that it could happen is not what you deserve. You decided not to be reckless with who you had sex with.

Keep your standards exactly where they are. Your "unrealistic standards" is what society should get back to, not the mentality that is going on now. What's unrealistic is being put in the predicament of being with someone whom already have multiple kids, you have none (but want kids in the future), and they don't want to give you that amazing part of life to have kids of your own by one man/woman (wife/husband). 

What do you all think about this topic and how families are being created now? Is it crazy that we hear more about baby mamas/daddies than we do wives/husbands and one family units? Should people just conform and date who they can even if the other has kid(s) from past relationship(s) and just accept it as is?