Some Chances Are Worth Taking... Others Are Not (Differentiating The Two)

Every now and then when I have some free time to not think about work I tend to catch myself reflecting back in my past. Not so much to the point that I make myself feel bad or anything. To be honest (and for the most part) the stories are pretty funny. My life really started once I became a risk taker during my last years of high school instead of continuing to play it safe. 

Of course at a young age I wasn't taking as many major chances as I did the preceding years (and I would not recommend any young teenager/adult start out in the blaze of glory). Taking chances always comes with the thought of reaching the set goals successfully, failing and going to the drawing board, or possibly losing it all.

There are things that I will never take a chance on in life ever. One is actually gambling money for any reason (casinos, sports bets, etc.,) and the other is jumping out of an airplane. I have done bungee jumping before from a pretty high level, but there is no way I am jumping out of an airplane 10,000+ feet in the air with only a parachute and a professional strapped on my back.

Now that I have taken more drastic and major chances than before, I find myself going down the same exact criteria list before making a decision.

  • "Is this going to really be worth it?" 
  • "If plan A does not work, then I am going all the way down plan Z when it is worth it."
  • "How long/soon do I need to make my decision?"  
  • "If this does not work out how I want it to, then I need to go back to the drawing board immediately!" 
  • "By all means necessary do not allow loved ones to get negatively affected at all!"
  •  "What am I going to eat when I celebrate taking a good chance and being successful?"

There are personal chances that I generally have two questions looming over my head before taking them.

  • "What happens if the other person says yes?" 
  • "What happens if the other person says no?"

At the end of the day differentiating taking a good chance from a bad chance depends on if you think the rewards outweighs the risk even if you are unsuccessful. I wish I could say my record was perfect in taking chances, but I do have 1 major loss in life overall. Every other chance may not be successful in its attempt, but some how better doors always opens for me. Don't be afraid to take chances. One day they will become funny stories that you tell your friends, family, and children that will seem like a sarcastic myth (whether you were successful in taking the chances or not).