The Ignorance Of Korryn Gaines And Others Like Her

(*Note: When I say "others like her" in the title, I am referring to those that have stupid attitudes for no reason!)

We all know that this is not the first scenario of its kind, however (in my opinion) this is the most ignorant example of them all. While more evidence is still being compiled of the entire situation, let's stick to what is known for a fact here. 

23 year old Korryn was shot and killed during a standoff in her apartment in Baltimore. During this entire altercation Korryn decided that it was a safe and logical (and well taught method of a lesson) to do all of this in front of her 5 year old son. This is by far the worse part of this entire situation, but there is a backstory to Korryn's history with law enforcement (and more unnecessary actions by her).

The video above is where Korryn was being pulled over initially for not having proper license plates in addition to not presenting her drivers license and insurance. Anyone with common sense knows that is standard protocol. Even if she wanted to be defiant to the officers, she could have kept her window slightly cracked, then pinned her driver's license and insurance to the window.

The latter would have been a stupid move, but it's pretty obvious from examples that cops will become so annoyed that they just write the ticket and go on with important matters/calls. 

Korryn said the following lines that everyone should pay close attention to.

“Put your hands on me and y’all gone have to murder me”
”Y’all came to kill some shit today, but it’s ok cause I been waiting for it”
”I’m giving you the opportunity to walk away and not have a murder here in Carriage Hill”

Who in their right mind would say stuff like this knowing they are in the wrong for a basic traffic stop? The officers explicitly stated they did not want to cause any physical harm to her or her kids. They did not want to use any physical force with her at all.

Not only did she defy authority, she demanded that her 5 year old son also fight the officers as well if the officers take him out of the car. She also had her son hold the phone to record portions of the video as well. Nonetheless, she insisted on being big, bad, and tough with her mouth, which only caused her more trouble. 

In all honesty, the officers in the March traffic stop video cared more about her kids safety than she did. Those cops (whom had nothing to do with any of the police brutality situations in the country) had way more patience with her than they even needed to exude. While she tried prover her innocence of never being arrested, that was a lie.

The fact that she thought law enforcement should basically bow down to her and let her do whatever she wants instead of simply complying to non-life threatening, non-physical, and non-violent requests maybe (more like certainly) she wouldn't have had issues with cops.
The unfortunates in this situation is not really Korryn's death that happened on August 1st, 2016, but the lives she has affected because of her actions. Her kids will never know their mother once they become older (especially the 1 year old daughter). Her family has lost a daughter, niece, auntie (if applicable), and granddaughter. Individuals whom are already worrying about the cops in light of recent police brutality events may think this is the way to go in order to be a martyr for the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you think that you are being treated unfairly by law enforcement (which does happen unfortunately to some people), don't hold court in the streets. Simply do what you need to do in order to fight them in court if you feel your case/situation warrants it. 

Disobeying authority, threatening the lives of police officers, and pointing a gun at them is not going to help your cause at all! This should be the prime example of what not to do when you are confronted by officers. Unfortunately, Korryn is not the first to be like this and she will not be the last.
Korryn's ignorant attitude of thinking she was above the law and could say/do whatever she pleased got her killed, not police brutality and definitely not racism. As this story is still developing, I can only hope that we don't see more of her ignorance. Her kids don't deserve to see this in 15+ years once they can piece together the actions of their mother and why she is no longer living.