Instagram Now Has "Instagram Stories"

I woke up today just like normal after a glorious nap, brushed my teeth, and checked my social media for new messages/news going on. While I have not posted anything on Instagram in some time (which I will come back, I promise I'm working on some new photos/content) I still check out my friends photos and videos. 

However, I did not expect to see an additional header when I opened Instagram and was confused. Seeing that there was a "new" button I obviously pressed it to see what the heck is going on here. This is what I see pop up on the screen


Instagram Stories is a thing now! I am pretty excited about this and definitely didn't expect it at all. I've seen many people joking around that Instagram is basically taking over the very thing that made Snapchat what it is.

(And Instagram is doing that haha!) 

There are some mixed reviews about it, however, I'm just happy that it exists! Snapchat is cool and all, I rarely use it, plus I don't use the filters (ever). Now there is no point of me even having it. The one thing that Snapchat currently has over Instagram is the filters right now. Other than that, Snapchat really won't serve me any purpose at all anymore.

I never really pushed my Snapchat that much to readers and friends anyways. In addition to all of the good perks that Instagram Stories now have (including the drawing option) it's better for me to use my different Instagram accounts and share the videos appropriately instead of all on one main account (I definitely was not making multiple Snapchats for my blogs haha). 

I'm definitely not going to do some grand exit or anything on Snapchat, I'm literally just going to delete it off my phone and iPad. However, if you want to go over to my Instagram accounts, definitely feel free to visit my main account on the Instagram button on the top right (or bottom if you are on your phone). 

Here is how I will have my Instagram stories setup for each of my accounts...

@KenonLamontThompson (Personal/Main account) - Regular every day stuff (the more relaxed and casual account).
@Kenon.Lamont.Thompson (Blog account) - Behind the scenes videos/photos of projects, blog posts, photo adventures, and more. 
@ChefandCoffee (Food blog account) - Behind the scenes videos/photos of cooking at home and cooking adventures.
@NerdsRealm (Nerd Culture account) - Behind the scenes videos/photos of gaming/nerd events and gaming streams.