Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

By now if you are of age (18 years old and older) you have most likely heard of the phrase "love at first sight." It is an amazing phrase (to say the least) in my personal opinion. However, love in a romantic sense is what everyone would like to have in their lives... even those that try to deny it. So I ask you this question today. Have you ever experienced it for yourself yet? 

Me personally if I am going to be completely honest here I have to say yes. Now I am not going to say any names or even a time period because some people are pretty good with putting 2 + 2 together (nosy individuals haha)! Nonetheless, I can say that I have experienced it once in my life and it was something that I never fully understood. 

Imagine you are minding your own business going about your regular day. Whether you are at work, at school, or just out in public at your favorite cafe and out of nowhere you lock eyes with an individual you've never met in your life. Before this encounter you did not even know that the individual existed! Yet, while you two lock eyes for one second or a few seconds (which could actually seem like minutes going in slow motion) something in your mind click. 

"Who is that? Oh my gosh he/she is beautiful! I have to talk to him/her or something. Does he/she have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do I approach him/her now or wait? I wonder do any of my friends know him/her. Okay time to make a decision and make it now! *Look around to see if any significant other is around and take a mental picture.*" 

Again, a simple look into that person's eyes can seem like an eternity and within that time frame you are asking yourself a million questions. What you do next is up to you. In my situation I simply went up and started talking to her. I am not the person that likes to wait to waste time. Yet while I was treading lightly, I would not say that I wasted time, but I definitely could have picked up the pace just a little bit. 

All in all things worked out how it was supposed to... I think. (Ahhh you thought I was going to tell you the ending right? I will save that for a later blog post!) 

Have you ever experienced love at frist sight? Tell your story about that moment(s) even if it is an abridged version.