Putting "Real" In Front Of Man Or Woman Changes Absolutely Nothing

This is going to be more of a small rant of being annoyed about a new (recent) trend that seems to be spreading around like disease with no cure. 

I don't understand how or even when this trend started, yet like most of them post 2008 I could care less about. I'm pretty sure you all have seen the memes (and people actually saying) things along the lines of "a real man/woman would..." scenarios. I'm starting to question if the younger generation starting these trends even attend English class in high school anymore. I'm even more ashamed that grown adults my age (26+) are adapting and perpetuating the dumb literacy of kids 10 years to half their age. 

If you have not been exposed to such ignorance consider yourself lucky. And also teach me your ways of avoiding such social incompetence. 

The main purpose of putting "real" in front of man or woman today is supposed to justify the actions/demeanor that said gender is supposed to do/fulfill. I have had people tell me the most ignorant things with this rhetoric, but this one definitely takes the cake.  

"If you was a real man, then you wouldn't have any problem spending half of your paycheck on things that your woman want. If she wants heels, makeup, and her hair did, then you should be paying for all of it."

I immediately cut all ties and forms of communication with that person. The fact that they were completely serious is what made me feel sorry for them. The tactic that is being used for this is simple.

"I want to shame you into thinking that you are less of a man or woman if you do not abide by what I consider a real man/woman."  

By falling for the latter, idiots that use this rhetoric has hopes that the opposing party lowers their high standards to the average/low level of their own. In no way shape or form will I ever conform to this garbage! 

So according to the new trend/definitions that makes a man a "real man" I guess I don't qualify. The example I gave I didn't care to go in-depth with because I am giving when it comes to personal romantic relationships. However, if I was to change my personal high standards to that of a "real man" today, not only would I be broke, but I would definitely be getting used for my money by gold diggers left and right, then told "well you should have knew what you was dealing with anyways!" 

What are your thoughts about this "real" trend in society today?