Being Desperate For Attention Is Annoying Not Mesmerizing

As time progresses in society, I find myself intentionally running farther and farther away from what people are considering trendy now. Granted there are some things that "trend" and are not annoying. However, I don't understand how people are able to consciously be annoying and find it as cute, cool, or in the worse sense of trying to attract someone else... mesmerizing. 

Social media platforms are supposed to be fun and a great way to keep up with your family/friends from all around the world without having to pay millions of dollars in international calls. Okay maybe that last part is exaggerated just a little bit. Nonetheless, we all see it on a daily basis how desperate many people have become on social media. 

I am starting to wonder if people can become physically sick from not getting any social attention? Now serious mental issues are completely different than what I am talking about here. I mean the people that will post 5 selfies all looking the exact same within 10 minutes and not garner 50+ likes every picture. This whole attention seeking bonanza has become so hilarious and sad to watch that I question if some people are more desperate for attention than they are oxygen. 

For the most part men are not displaying themselves as desperate for social media attention as women are. 

(Don't get mad and try to call me a sexist or misogynistic person here, you know the latter is true even if you fit the bill.)

There is nothing attractive about posing intentional sexually explicit pictures (aka thirst traps) on social media... consistently! Now to each their own, I stand by my latter statement, yet every once in a while would be more tolerable than once every hour. Especially in regards to women that complain about wanting to be respected as more than just a body/piece of meat (per se) to heterosexual men. If all you put out on social media is ass pictures, what else do you honestly expect for people (men and women) to judge you by? 

Men look desperate for attention in trying to flaunt off materialistic items instead of physically. Cars, clothes, and money... all the "essentials" they think will attract the most gorgeous women possible. Oddly enough, the latter is true in more cases than not no matter how much you want to deny it. I have seen and even known guys to have a wad of cash on hand with a couple (and by couple, generally 1 or 2) $100 bills folded on top of a bunch of $1 bills. What is even worse is I have seen the latter happen with 1 - $100 bill on top and the rest was fake. 

If you fit the bill of being desperate for attention and find this mean or offensive, at least what I am saying is not a lie. As much as I would love for this trend of desperation to to evaporate like water on a summer day in Arizona, it does not seem like it will happen. No matter how little or how much attention I get in life, one thing I will never do is be desperate for any of it.