Nitpicking Where To Apply Gender Equality Defeats The Overall Purpose Of Gender Equality!

Let's just get to the elephant in the room now instead of drawing out an introduction to this.  I wrote The Reason Why Modern Day Sexism Hurts Society And Gender Equality Will Never Happen earlier in the year. This is coming from a slightly different perspective.

I personally have absolutely no problem with society adapting to a gender equality lifestyle overall (yes I am a man saying this). However, the way that many (men and women) are trying to approach gender equality shows exactly why it will never exist. 

To simply break this down... equality means fairness for all that apply. Add in gender and now that means no matter what gender someone is there are no "social exclusive benefits" just because of one's gender. That should be a simple thing to understand right? (Right!) So why is it so hard for people (notably grown adults) to understand the exact concept they are trying to push for?

From my personal experience and research, men are actually more accepting to gender equality across the board than women are.

Men want gender equality when it comes to things such as child support/family court, sentences when it comes to jail/prison times, awareness of specific health/mental illnesses that affect men on a more predominant ratio than women, and not being labeled a perv/pedophile for exposing their "package downstairs" in sexual clothing attire in the same manner that women do with their breasts (which is the least important and why I put it last).  

Women want gender equality in equal pay (which has been debunked consistently, yet there are individual cases where I have seen this being an actual and unjustifiable problem), to be as sexually promiscuous as men without being labeled a hoe/slut (which I have no problem with), and to see more women in higher management positions within the business world (again no problem there).

Nonetheless, a majority of men and women are not really fighting for gender equality, they are fighting for gender superiority. This is where the problem lies! It is disingenuous to try and pick and choose where gender equality should exist. Why? That type of mentality clearly shows how men and women want gender equality in things that benefit them only based off their gender.

On average, there are more men helping the fight for women to have gender equality across the board in society than women fighting for men to have gender equality across the board. Since there does not seem to be an equal fight and support for gender equality for both sides, there is no common ground to meet at. Without a definitive common ground, equality does not exist.

Unfortunately, no matter how much both men and women complain about gender inequality, since neither side is willing to completely "lose" the social benefits they get just for being a man or woman, gender equality will never exist. I have come to terms with understanding that I as a man will just enjoy the double standards that fit me for being a man and avoid what does not favor me (aka having children by a woman that is not my wife and being screwed over by the child support system).

This blog post and the other one that I mentioned earlier does not even scratch the surface! Now that we live in a society where individuals are identifying with different genders that they were not naturally born/identified as (which I have no problem with at all, their life choices are not mine to dictate at all) gender equality will become more of a distant dream. How are they supposed to adapt to gender equality? 

What do you think about this as a man or woman? Do you think society as a whole are going about gender equality the wrong way? Will gender equality ever exist in our lifetime? Why is gender equality not making any significant progress today?