#WeekendCoffeeShare: Why Is Everything That Is Not A Compliment Racist Now?

Do you have your 2nd pot of coffee ready? Good... lets go! 

One thing that is becoming overly disgusting to hear and see on a daily basis is people labeling someone a racist just because of a difference of opinion. Now this does not mean that I am saying racism does not exist at all because it definitely does (unfortunately). However, I am sure that we have all seen the ridiculous claims that so called social justice warriors/social activists have tried to pass off as racist. 

Exhibit A... Ellen is apparently now a racist!

This is by far the worse/most recent "racist claim" that has happened so far. Ellen is by far one of the nicest, kind-hearted, and funny individuals on the face of the planet. There is absolutely no way that her photoshopping this photo with Usain Bolt can be taken as racist at all. Heck, even Usain Bolt retweeted the photo, which should show that he did not even take offense to it. Nonetheless, we live in a society now that people who are not even directly part of a situation or photo want attention by playing a victim that does not even exist. 

Playing the victim seems to be the new trend now all for the purpose of getting social media attention. Individuals whom are so desperate for retweets and likes on social media will do and say whatever outlandish things possible just to be noticed. Eventually social media memes/videos/complaining fades away after a week or so. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.15.14 PM.png

Exhibit B... Where is the Black Lives Matter movement for Louisiana? 

Geographically, the southern region of America is known for catastrophic weather including floods, rain, and extreme thunderstorms. BLM is being questioned heavily for their lack of involvement regarding the recent tragic events in Louisiana. The same exact people/social movement that are rioting and looting stores for black/African-American criminals being killed by cops for not complying plus threatening the lives of the public are no where to be found in Louisiana. 

I have said this time and time again... the BLM movement does not care about all black lives in America, only the ones they can use for political gain (the lack of), and a stupid narrative that makes no sense. The same exact people that are calling police officers serving their public duties to protect and serve are not helping out black/African-Americans in desperate need right now. How is anyone supposed to take them seriously? A movement that only cares about black lives when a person is dead. I'll pass on ever supporting them at all. 

Take ownership of violent acts and individuals that are blatantly showing a danger to the community no matter what skin color they have. Stop trying to play victim when you yourself want to act violently, then get upset when law enforcement ends up putting a stop to your foolish antics. Wrong is wrong no matter what skin color someone is (that goes for both the general public and law enforcement). 

There are plenty more examples, but for now I will just cut it short here. If you fit within the new social status quo of calling everyone racist just because you are not being complimented or it does not favor your narrative... please go back to English 101 in high school. While racism does exist, not every single thing (or person's opinions) is racist. 

Also... learn that the proper term you should be using 80%-85% of the time is "prejudice" not "racism/racist."