Miss Teen USA 2016 "Diversity" Issue According To Social Media (Part 1)

One thing that I hate about people on social media is the lack of research and knowledge many have. Regular people will follow whatever a celebrity says no matter if it is true or false. In this case, Miss Teen USA is currently under scrutiny for more reason than one (which is why this will most likely be a 2 or 3 part series of blog posts).

Christine "Chrissy" Teigen whom I think is an amazing model made this comment on Twitter that is now being circulated everywhere. Personally I do not agree with it as it undermines the hard work that these young ladies whom are in the Top 5 have done to earn their spots. 


There is no reason for a competition to be "diverse" in any way shape or form. The purpose of any competition is literally to be the best (and from the judges perspective pick the best). 

A competition/pageant/organization that focuses on empowering women, giving back to the community, and more is now under a little social media scrutiny because of this. For those who do not know, the competition aspect of these pageants includes personal intellect, presenting themselves in elegant even gown dresses, and swimsuits.

To many idiots, this is not a fair representation of "diversity" in America. Lets be honest here... how many people on a daily basis do you even here talk about these pageants before, during, or after (excluding when people on social media does disingenuous stuff like this to get attention on their page/account)?

Now here's the kicker!

Yes I admit, I've caught myself staying on the channel/stream at times when Miss USA/Miss Universe is on and there is nothing else to watch (don't judge me). What idiots fell to realize is doing their research before speaking (in this case I have to include Chrissy too). There is diverse in the overall pool of young teenage women that competed this year. If you would like to see for yourself, feel free to visit the Miss Teen USA official link of contestants here

Unfortunately (and which is becoming like an irritating bee that keeps stinging, but I can't kill it), bringing up race or diversity has become the normality of complaining when one does not get their way now. Whether all represented individuals are one skin color, or one hair color, someone will find a way to make it a "racist" situation on social media. 

As mentioned earlier, I do watch these pageants at times. The process in which they take on the road to even getting here is quite astounding with all die respect. Instead of complaining about "unrealistic standards" I would prefer if people began to shed light on things that actually matter.

This is what should be getting complained about if we are going to discuss the unrealistic standards these types of events perpetuate to young kids (specifically young girls). Something that (if we are going to go by logic) should be a good unrealistic standard to uphold, which I will explain later.

No, contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented a child. The titleholders are also required to remain unmarried throughout their reign."

Since the age ranges between 18-27 for these pageants, I agree that kids shouldn't have kids (live life first, travel, have fun)! However, the marriage part is a little unrealistic and unfair in my opinion. I have female friends whom definitely get married within that age bracket (and are in happy marriages). Why are people not having a constructive discussion about this? Oh right... a vast majority of people in America that are complaining on social media right now don't even watch these types of shows/competitions until they can complain about something racist or make fun about it. 

Remember this from Miss Universe 2015, when Steve Harvey made a huge mistake...

America, learn to care about the important shit first! Do your research before saying anything... ANYWHERE! Read the fine print (or signs right in front of your face) before complaining about race/hair color/eye color/physical attributes playing an issue in a competition that you think is lacking "diversity" with a diverse pool of contestants and winners.

Part 2 of this will cover the alleged racial slurs that Miss Teen USA 2016 is said to have used and how it also ties into this race bait society we are living in now.