YouTube + Twitch Channels Update (8/19/2016)

As I continue all of the back-end work of my YouTube and Twitch channels, I thought that it would only be right that I continue to give you all details. It has been quite awhile since I have shared any new visual [photography/video] work and I am beyond excited to unlock my treasure chest again! Anyone whom is a visual content creator whether it is photography or video knows the feeling of not sharing new work in a long time, yet have so much up your sleeve just waiting for the world. 

A few days ago on my birthday I released my channel intro, which I am super excited about. When I look back at those moments I remember how much fun I was having and how relaxed I was. After wanting to do vlogs since college, now I actually have the time to do them (and they be of great quality content). I don't know exactly when I will release Episode 2, but I will definitely be making a page on here to keep as a collection (obviously). 

On top of that, I am pretty excited to announce that I have finally chosen who I am going to work with when it comes to all of the graphics for the gaming aspect of both channels. 

I stumbled upon Own Graphics on Twitter as I was looking at Twitch's feed catching up on things. Completely unexpected for the time, I went to their website and started going through their portfolio. My oh my was I blown away and I immediately put in an inquiry for a price quote! As soon as they hit me back with the conformation, that process will continue on. 

One more thing that I am going to say. I am going to start pushing my Patreon and #KTRoadTo5K projects a lot more.

I am going to add some more perks to the Patreon campaign soon and I would definitely appreciate if you all can help me extend my work to even higher heights that I have in store. You do not have to donate an exuberant amount of money at all. If I was to see multiple $1 donations I would be just as excited as if I seen a $1,000 donation. All donations will go towards the streams (including new games and streaming equipment) and a few charities that I hold dear to my heart, which I will release on there [Patreon] really soon. 

The #KTRoadTo5K project are for all of my platforms (blogs, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter). For a few months I have been paying close attention to FameBit, which is an influencer marketing platform. In order for me to join as a content creator I have to garner a total of 5,000 followers on one social media platform. However, since I am going to do it for one platform, I thought why not do it for them all!

As many of you may know (I have said this before) I am not a person that is looking to have millions of followers. I really don't like to even use the term "followers" as I see you all as my friends that I have yet to meet in person (which will happen as I begin to up my traveling adventures and I just so happen to be in your area). Always remember... you are friends not followers! 

Below are the distinctive (and separate) social media outlets where you can follow all of my work from the blogs in addition to my personal daily life at.

Personal/Main Blog
Twitter: @KenonLThompson
Instagram: @kenon.lamont.thompson

Nerds Realm
Twitter: @Nerds_Realm
Instagram: @nerdsrealm

Chef & Coffee
Twitter: @ChefandCoffee
Instagram: @chefandcoffee

That is all I have for you today. I know it is Friday and that means fun day so I hope you all enjoy your Friday and weekend overall!